SYNeR presents - Evolve v1.0 (formerly EvoXSkinDes v0.9)

Evolve v1.0 (formerly EvoXSkinDes) is a GUI based skinner 
for Win32 that lets you easily create EvolutionX skins by 
using a drag-and-drop interface. By using project files,
you can save a skin, and work on it later.


* Various bug fixes
* INI preview can auto-refresh at specified intervals.
  ie: real-time INI file previewing
* Code tidied up a little. But still, my coding sucks ass ;)
* Saved projects now stored in a single file. Not multiple
  files as before.


Seems to work fine. Any problems, etc.. contact me (SYNeR-)
on EFnet. I'd release the source, but I wouldn't want to
feel ashamed of my sloppy and generally crappy coding ;\