//Baku Baku X - SHiZNO (Build 1.3: 10/20/03)
//Thanks everyone who contributed to this
// wishi/lubby/jizz for helping  w/ code/graphics
History: 	(Build 1.2: 10/19/03)
	-Added Analog support for menus
	-Slowed down menu speed a FRACTION
	(Build 1.1: 10/17/03)
	-Fixed animal chewing (because i sped up animal move speed,
	it set this off and ruined it...now it works nicely.
	-attempted to fix no-soundtrack crash...should work now?
	-changed a few graphics 'get ready' and a fee info boxes...
	-sped up menu move speed...maybe a little too fast !?

Note: 	The only known problem with this gane i know of ATM is 
	that the eating is still not perfect, but if you learn what 
	'trips' the eat engine, you will get around it and itll be fine
	for the moment... someone should go over my source
	and write a new eat function (because i suck)...		

	The reason im not adding every single thing into this game
	is due to the fact i cant plan for shit, so this will be a 'guide'
	 for my next Baku Baku (2), which will hopefully play -perfect- 
	and include all the features i wanted for this version...
	 (like more customisation).


Source: 	This is completely open source, the end result of this game 
	will be determined by those who contribute to the code, fix bugs 
	and add new features..

	You can change anything you want (and honestly, the entire game 
	-SHOULD- eventually be changed due to my...crazy programming
	Sorry for the spaghetti code, but i am extremely slack when it comes
	to planning, so i end up inserting code here and there as i go... ;)

	You should probably keep the SHiZNO logo at the begining tho 
	(altho skipping it with (A) is fine etc), oh...if someone wants, make
	 a better SHiZNO logo BTW (i SUCK at graphics!)..actually, i dont 
	give a fuck..remove the SHiZNO logo if you want!

Controls: You can use the DPad or the left thumbstick to control the falling blocks
	(A) Rotates the blocks.
	In game you can control these options:
	(X) Enable/Disable Sound effects
	(Y) Start/Stop Music
	(B) Change background (random)
	[START] will pause the game (and give you apause menu, see current song etc)

	For menus use the DPad.
	Button (A/GREEN) is used all the time for selection 
	Button (B/returns)
	Options are saved when you hit (EXIT) in options menu..

CONTACT me at www.Xbox-scene.com (in the development forums)...

//Thanks again to everyone who helped me with this, sorry for the crap
 source, and any bugs there are (in eating)...i think this is a good first IMO,
but i really believe part 2 will be miles ahead of this one. (various modes etc)