.:: Skin Your EvoX v0.9b By M4uR1g10 ::.


:::::: Damn!!! just another tool to make our loving EvolutionX Dashboard look better ;) ::::::


:.: FEATURES :.:

- Ability to save and load projects
- EvoX 'skin.ini' export feature
- Loading process simulation (maybe it doesn't work on Win9x)
- Drag'n'drop text labels
- Multilanguage support (English and Italian languages included)
- Very user-friendly interface (I think... ;))
- IT WORKS!!!! (maybe...)

:.: TODO :.:

- Add the possibilty to import 'skin.ini'
- Add alpha preview for Labels and Menu bar
- Upload skins directly on XBOX
- Remove allllllllllllll buuuuuugs
- mmmm Let me think........
- .......still thinking.....
- ZzzZZzz-_-zzZZzzZ


* The program was coded in just 10 days and tested only under Windows 2000 Professional SP3.

* It's a BETA version so beware of bugs

* Feel FREE to redistribute this software but only in its full package i.e.:
  - SkinYourEvoX.exe
  - This readme (Readme.txt)
  - Language.lst
  - Language folder with 'Italiano.lng' and 'English.lng' inside

* If u want to make a new language just create your .lng file editing the ones provided
  and add the language name in the Language.lst file.
  If u made a French language file just call the .lng file as 'Francais.lng', put it in
  the Language folder, then open the Language.lst file and add the line 'Francais'.




Kova, okkioooo, diapolon, Devil13, LuKeSaN, Gino_Hernandez, Jomy and astrostampa :DD

I'm italian so sorry for my poor english ;)