CDDISSECT for Windows version 1.1 by XPort 

Version 1 of CDDISSECT was including the 2-second pre/post gap data in the MP3
files.  This means that there is (probably) 2 seconds of silence at the end of 
each MP3 track.  Most of the time, this is not noticeable, but some games
have background music that is meant to sound seamless when it loops back
to the beginning.  This is why I thought another release was in order.

It's possible that some game-makers wrote audio data into
those 2-second gaps, so I've made its removal selectable.

Starting with CDDISSECT version 1.1, the default will be to chop off the 
2-second pre-post gap from the end of the audio tracks.  If, in the unlikely 
event that this actually truncates real data, you can keep the 2-second gap 
data by using the "-2s" option.



CDDISSECT for Windows version 1.0 by XPort 

This tool dumps all data tracks on a CD to ISO files, dumps all audio tracks
on a CD to MP3 files, and creates a cue sheet with all the proper filenames.

Since it was such a tedious multi-step process to get your PCE cds in the right
format for HUGO-X, I decided to make an all-in-one utility.

This can be used for any game CD (PCE, SegaCD, PSX, etc)

Please note that you have to have an ASPI layer installed on your machine.
If you do not have an ASPI layer, the most you can do is dump the cue sheet,
but this is very useful by itself since you don't have to do the CloneCD step

Simply pop in a PCE cd into your CDROM drive, open up a CMD.EXE window, and
type in

cddissect gamename

It will do absolutely everything for you.  When it's done, just upload all
the files to your xbox and play the CUE file.

If it doesn't tell you that ASPI initialization failed, but tells you that
it cannot read the TOC information, then do something to access the CD
like "dir e:" or opening the CD in explorer.  It seems that sometimes ASPI
doesn't really know that a CD is there until it's used for something.

There are many ways to customize the results with the following options:

    -cue   : Only dump the cue sheet
    -audio : Only dump audio tracks
    -data  : Only dump data tracks
    -mono  : Force mono MP3 output (default is stereo)
    -br #  : Select MP3 bitrate (default 128)
    -rs #  : Select MP3 resampling value ( default is 44100 )
    -q #   : Select MP3 encoding quality (0=low,1=normal,2=high) (default is 1)
    -alt   : If you don't have ASPI, use this to get the cue sheet.

Examples :

cddissect dracx
    - creates dracx.cue, dracx##.iso, and dracx##.mp3 files

cddissect -cue -audio dracx
    - creates dracx.cue and dracx##.mp3 files

cddissect -mono -br 32 -rs 22050 dracx
    - creates dracx.cue and dracx##.mp3 files
    - MP3 files are mono, 32kpbs, 22.05khz

This is completely freeware so it can be freely distributed to help free
others from not having the freedom to easily dump their game cds.

...and it's free.