FMSXBOX MSX Emulator port for XBox v1

Put roms in \MSXROMS dir

What's New :
 - Emulates MSX/MSX2/MSX2+
 - MSX-Music
 - MSX-Audio
 - Stereo sound
 - Save states
 - Cheat code finder
 - Keyboard support (USB adaptor)
 - Font size/Screen size adjustable by pressing Left Thumb Stick
 - Press Right Trigger during game play to throttle speed
 - Play MP3s (Stop playback using BACK button)
 - Adjust MP3/SFX volume using Right Analog Stick during gameplay

Find some MSX games here:


No ZIP support as of yet.

To play *.ROM games, highlight the game and press A.  If the game does not
load correctly, then go back to the main menu and try starting the game with
the B button.  Pressing the B button to launch a game will loop through the
8 different ROM mappers that are available.  Basically, if a game doesn't work
the first time, keep going back to the main menu and launching the game with
the B button.  Eventually it will behave as you would expect.

To play *.DSK games, first flag all the DSK image files using the BLACK
button.  Once you have flagged all the DSK image files, highlight the 
first DSK image in the series and press the A button.  This will load the
first disk and start the game.  When the game asks you to "Insert disk #"
simply press the BACK button to cycle through the disks you flagged.

When restoring the state of DSK games, you need to make sure the proper 
DSK file is loaded after you restore your state.  For example, if you
save your state which DSK #1 is inserted, then you continue playing to
a point where it tells you to insert DSK #2, then you die and want to
restore your save state, you'll have to load DSK #1 afterwards.  


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