SparkEdit Version 1.0

created by Grenadiac

Sparkedit is a mapviewer for xbox halo. It was created to give modders insight into how the maps were constructed by the original developers.  At the moment you can't edit anything, just look.
It's possible to preview cachefile mods that change textures.

Controls - see the Help menu.

Coord Finder - Upon entering a x,y,z coordinate into the edit boxes and clicking the "Find Coord" button, SparkEdit will paint a blinking green box at that coordinate. It may be easier to put the rendering mode into point or mesh to make finding the coordinate easier.

Version 1.0 (9/25/03)

-Changed version numbers to release version
-added labels to coord boxes
-changed location of cache.tmp file to SparkEdit working directory

Known Bugs:
-Zbuffering problem on certain videocards (MonoxideC)
-Mesh dislocation problem (MonoxideC)
-Doesn't load all shaders


Currently supported levels:

Single Player

-The Pillar of Autumn
-Truth and Reconciliation
-The Silent Cartographer
-Assault on the Control Room
-343 Guilty Spark
-The Library
-Two Betrayals
-The Maw


-Chiron TL34
-Rat Race
-Chill Out
-Battle Creek
-Boarding Action
-Blood Gulch
-Hang 'Em High

For support or technical issues, and for making suggestions or reporting bugs, go to the sparkedit forums, or come to our irc channel.

Forums located at:
Irc channel: | #sparkedit-beta (betatesters are voiced (+v))


Special thanks to PfhorSlayer and the guys at #halo-dev.  Thanks also to SourceGuy for all his help during the beta.  Thanks to the beta testing team:  MonoxideC, Boll, Gil222, Aztec, icanttype, kornkob.  Best wishes to Stefander - get well soon.