September 25 2003

Media X Menu 0.9n.5

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Short Version-
[*] Revamped the FTP Server. More robust.
[*] ActionScripts  - Think "DOS Batch Language" on steroids.
[*] Partition Formatting
[*] G: Support
[*] PAL/NTSC switching with PAL60 support and independent Region Selection
[*] Built in "Recovery Disc" support for NEW Hard Drives.
If run from a CD-RW or DVDR/RW, upon detecting a "fresh" unformatted HD, MXM will offer to format the partitions and then copy the contents of CBackup, EBackup, FBackup, and GBackup, if present, to their respective drives.
[*] Fixed numerous annoying bugs
[*] Added time offset for time synchronization
[*] Fanspeed support in ActionScripts

See below for complete list.

Beta 0.9n.5 (Bug Fixes)
[*]  Fixed Music Enable
[*] Checked Enable Global Music - works on my test machine
[*] Added "Enable Network" to configuration menus.
[*] Explaination of the <Action> tag to add your own "Systme" commands to the 'regular' menus:
  Instead of defining an "Exe" You define an Action for the item:
  <Title>Open DVD Tray</Title>
  Actions currently available:
  - ResetMenuCache
  - trayopen
  - trayclose
  - reboot
  - shutdown
  - PowerCycle
  More will follow
[*] Totally new FTP server code. Should be no more hangups... you can now ABOR during transfers.
[*] Recognizes "G:" drive
[*] Toggle for "Action..." menu (Formarly "System..." but confusing name with "Y" menu)
[*] Hard drive Formatting!
  - SITE commands:
     FORMAT C:
     FORMAT E:
     FORMAT F:
     FORMAT G:
     FORMAT X:
     FORMAT Y:
     FORMAT Z:
   Of course, use these at your own risk!!
   As usual, these SITE commands can also be used in ACTION menu items
   Requires a toggle of the configuration menu (Misc settings) before first usage.
[*] Drive-related Strings have "G" equivalents now.
[*] Conditionals: cdrivepresent, edrivepresent, fdrivepresent, gdrivepresent
[*] Added "not" attribute to conditionals, for testing OPPOSITE condition. To use, set not="true"
    i.e.: <condition not="true">GDrivePresent</condition>
[*] Added "fanspeed" gadget string.
[*] Added
    ATTR <FileOrDir> ro|rw
    CHMOD 777 <FileOrDir>   (This command is compatible with FlashFXP's "Attributes" action)
    EEPROMBackup [Filename] (Backs up EEPROM contents, encrypted, to a file, file defaults to "eeprom.bin" in current directory)
    EEPROMRestore [Filename] (Restores EEPROM contents, encrypted, from a file, file defaults to "eeprom.bin" in current directory)
    CD <PATH> (GUI only, sets default directory, which starts as MXM's path)
    COPY <Path/File/Wildcard> <Path/File>
    RENAME <FileOrPath> <FileOrPath>
    DELETE <File>
    GOTO <Label>
    SYSTEMMENU <Activate|Hide|Unhide|ActivateFull>
    MESSAGEBOX <message> (Displays a message box AFTER script is done executing, or if used between BeginDraw and EndDraw, renders a message box)
    SET <VarName> <Value>  
    ADD <VarName> <Value>
    SUB <VarName> <Value>
    DIV <VarName> <Value>
    MULT <VarName> <Value>
    IF <arg1> <op> <arg2> goto <label>
     - =
     - >
     - <
     - >=
     - <=
     - != or <>
     - ##   (True if LValue contains RValue)
     - #^   (Same as ##, but case insensitive)
     - !##   (True if LValue doesn't contain RValue)
     - !#^   (Same as !##, but case insensitive)
     IF# (Used to evaluate numerically)
    SETFANSPEED <Manual|Default> <speed>
    SETFUNC <VarName> <Function> <Function Arguments>
     - XBETITLE <FileName>
     - XBEID <FileName>
     - FILESIZE <FileOrPath>
     - FILEEXIST <FileOrPath>
     - PATHEMPTY <Path>
     - LEFT <Count> <Text>
     - RIGHT <Count> <Text>
     - MID <Count> <Length> <Text>
     - SPACE <Count>
     - REPEAT <Count> <Text>
     - LENGTH <Text>
     - TRIM <Text>
     - TRIMLEFT <Text>
     - TRIMRIGHT <Text>
     - LOWER <Text>
     - UPPER <Text>
     - CONDITION or COND <conditional>    (Sets value to 1 or 0, depending on state of skin conditional)
     - !CONDITION of !COND <conditional>
    EXEC <xbe> [<args>]
    BEGINDRAW [USeCurrent]    (Starts rendering a screen, "UseCurrent" grabs the previously rendered screen to display)
    ENDDRAW   (Displays screen)
    INPUT    (See ActionScript ReadMe for details on return variables set)
    CALLFILE <file> <Args...>
    CALLSCRIPT <name> <Args...>
    BOX <X> <Y> <Width> <Height> [<Color>] [<BorderColor>]
    TEXT <X> <YTOP> <CENTER|LEFT|RIGHT> <Text> [<Color>]
    MOUNT <Drive:> [<DevicePartitionPath>]
    DATE <Day> <Month> <Year>
    TIME <00:00>
    DELAY <Delay Sec>
    DELAYMS <Delay ms>
[*] Add "CherryPatch" - Yes, Thank you Cherry for your PAL/NTSC code. It's EEPROM safe, so you should be OK with a simple reboot.
    With this patch, the PAL/PAL60/NTSC switching code is reimplemented!! It's improved, though, as there is now support for PAL60
    and USA/JAP/EUR region coding as well.
[*] ActionScripts can be loaded internally from the MXM.xml file - define them in a <Scripts> node, with each script:
<ActionScript name=somename">
...script here...
<ActionScriptLoad name=somename">loadable.xas</ActionScriptLoad>
Loads form the disk, relative to the MXM.xml file
[*] MXM will execute "AutoExec" scripts - 
1) First, it runs an internally defined script, _AutoExec
2) It runs a user-defined script, AutoExec, as defined in the MXM.xml
3) If it exists, it will run "AutoExec.xas" from the MXM directory.
[*] Colors can either be the named versions, or ARGB values (0xFF001122, for example)
[*] Special ActionScript symbols, $eol$, $lt$ and $gt$
[*] Fixed passcode usage with SubMenus and ActionScripts. Also cleaned up rendering
so the passcode is not revealed once passed by the fade-in.
[*] Cleaned up the way the Dashboards menu option works. Much nicer now ;)
[*] Added "DVD Player Preference" to select a preferred player (Default, X2, or M$)
[*] Users can add "Context menus" for games. These are actionscripts defined in a <Context> node in MXM.xml - 
The scripts have some awareness of the currently selected game, and can act on them.
[*] Added "TimeSynch Offset" in hours for those using non-local time servers.