Live 2.0 XboxDash-Hacked v1.0-tHc

    It is with GREAT pleasure that we bring to you Microsoft's new 
Live 2.0 Dash, tHc style :) This one is for all the poor folks 
who got their dash updated on them - whether they wanted it done 
or not. Now you have an option to update it yourself :) 

    This release brings the Live 2.0 Dash up to where we were with 
the previous dash versions. New additions in this release include
the addition of a pop-up onscreen text displaying the soundtrack
and song name of the currently playing background music track. Also 
included is a usable version of their Live Account Selection menu.
THIS MENU MAY ONLY BE USED ONCE !! I only included it because certain
ppl (sniperkil hehe) are blind and need large texts in their menus, 
and because I like having each main menu button launch a different 
style submenu ;) So again - when editing your config.xap only use 
submenutype 3 for one category - and make sure it has more than 4 
items in it to chose from hehe. I left the Live icon in the menu
more out of spite than anything else ;) That and it's kinda cool.

    Live 2.0 XboxDash-Hacked v1.0 GREEN.exe is the "base model" 
patcher for the release. If you want the blue dash simply run the blue 
patcher on the files you just patched with the green patcher.

Easy Steps...

1 - make a folder called "new dash" (or whatever you want)

2 - put a FRESH copy of the dash files in this new folder
    this includes the xbodashdata.17e4cd00 folder and the

3 - Run Live 2.0 XboxDash-Hacked v1.0 GREEN.exe. When prompted to 
    choose install directory - choose the folder created in step 1. 
    Patcher will say directory already exists do you wish to install
    anyway - yes - you do. Once patcher says completed - you're done.
    That's it - no resigning - nothing :) Simply edit your config.xap
    in default.xip to your likings and transfer to your xbox. Unless
    of course - you want the Blue dash - then go to step 4.

4 - Run Live 2.0 XboxDash-Hacked v1.0 BLUE.exe. When prompted to
    choose install directory - choose the folder created in step 1,
    where the files you just patched in step 3 are. Now your dash 
    is blue :) 

Once again included is XTech's Dummy Save Manager so all your titles
will have the needed save files for auto fill.

MAJOR thanks go out to fuckdb and VolgusProfanum - for without their
help/brains to pick - this wouldn't be done yet :)

Enjoy ;)

JbOnE & Gcue
tHc @