By jimmsta
 Changelog... (I think I need one of these)
 * Made BanshInject GUI compatible with KornKob's last release.
 * Fixed minor cosmetic bugs
   - This included icons, and sharing of resources (pictures and icons are now one-in-the-same. This saves a good 24KB.
 * Codebase is beginning to be switched over. More and more of the source code is being swapped out for better-performing source.
 * Fixed missing files. I still need some sort of Installer...
 * New "dev" release - v1.485
     * I got my driver s license today! YAY! 

 * Made a fixed version of Win32HME, and will release it if Pfhor allows me to.
   - It s based off the Sept.6th cvs code, but doesn t include ANY of the features that may be deemed illegal by bungie, or microsoft. It is mearly a fixed version that works perfectly in windows. It ONLY expands map files, and compresses Cache files. Very simple
 * Minor adjustments to the cvs code makes all the  advanced  features dead. They aren t in the source code at all, and all traces have been removed. HME is now working better than ever, and no more dirty-disc errors for everyone ;)
 * The program name no longer includes the "GUI" part. I got tired of writing gui all the time...
    - The newest version looks more and more like a launching app for many different GUI s and halohacking apps.
 * Small bug fixes with option boxes fixed
   - No longer limits you to clicking the same OS more than once (That was an easy fix)
   - The Text Output checkbox has been idiot-proofed... at least I think it has...
   - The GUI itself is a little bit bigger, with more  elbow space 
 * BatchFile Maker is now included. It has been tweaked, and now has a nice browse button. BAT file creation should be implanted within the next few days... or weeks, b/c of school.
 * More credit given to the various program authors ;)
   - PfhorSlayer finally gets credit for coding HME -- Sorry! --
   - KornKob gets credit for BanshInject!
   - And anyone else I forgot to mention, also get credit!
   - Look at the About Box!!!
 * This will be the last release that ran the old codebase. The new codebase is from the program "BatchFile Maker", and is more stable.
   - Any bugs that seemed too annoying to fix are gone, and replaced with new features, and no, there re not like the features that you get with a new version of windows.... (not bugs)
   - A new codebase that allows more error-controlling code, and allows for a more streamlined release system.
 * The source code will be released for this version, and all the rest before it. Do what you wish with it.
   - I will be accepting user feedback, and will add to the newer versions as I see fit. (Or by how many people request a certain feature).

 * Updated the BanshInject GUI to v1.1, based off the standalone version
 * Fixed a lot of bugs in the main gui
 * Made some error-correction code
 * Released a Development Public build - v1.475

 * Added the BanshInject GUI
 * Added a link to the HT Editor program
 * Cleaned up some little bugs
 * Made an icon for the Bansh GUI
 * Released the latest version - v1.45 

 * Fixed some cosmetic bugs, and released a new patch - v1.44.1 

 All releases before 8/21/2003 came without changelogs, and had many bugs...

 Instructions for WinHME:

 1. Extract the WinHME archive. Make sure to place whatever maps you wish to work with in the directory.
 2. Select the map from the directory that WinHME was extracted to.
 3. Type text-file name for output (with extension .txt), & click text output checkbox. (OPTIONAL!!!)
 4. Click OS version
 5. Copy text in Command Line text box.
 6. Right-click on command prompt titlebar. Go down to Edit -> Paste
 7. Press enter
 8. Wait for operation to finish.
 9. All done!

 Instuctions for the Tool "BanshInject GUI"

 1. Select the map file using the browse button
 2. Type in the offset of the file you would like to inject, or extract.
 3. Type in all required information.
 4. Click the operation button for what you would like to do with the file
 5. Copy the text in the Command Line text box.
 6. Click your OS version.
 7. Right-Click on command prompt titlebar, Go down to Edit -> Pase.
 8. Press enter.
 9. Wait for operation to finish
 10. All done!

 Instructions for the Tool "BatchFile Maker"

 1. Select the map file that you d like to process with the browse button
 2. type in  the output file name (if you d like one)
 3. Type in a text-file name if you d like to have text output.
 4. Click the "text output" checkbox.
 5. Click the function that you d like to perform.
 6. Press "Create Batch File"
 7. Copy the text from the advanced view, and paste into a text file.
 8. Save the text file as "process.bat" in the winhme directory.
 9. double click process.bat, or click "run batch file" in BFMaker.
 10. All done!

 (Please note: As you can probably see, BatchFile Maker will slowly evolve into WinHME 1.5x+, since it has MUCH better error handling, and has a much more sophisticated gui. The batchfile creation process will also be automated in the next full release).

 Readme File for the tool "HT Editor"
 Please read HT_README.text in the extracted directory. ;P

 (C)2003 by jimmsta