This code is BETA!! Please understand that although it 
does work on my xbox, this doesn't mean it will work 
100% for you.  The chance of this script doing anything 
to harm your Gentoox install is null.  The script 
downloads the cvs, configures it properly and then 
installs it.  

The code was originally written by ElmerFud, and has 
been slightly modified to work w/ gentoox on xbox.  If 
you get a string load of errors during the "compiling" 
section this probably means it cannot find your 
X-Install.  If you haven't already run magic please do 
so and install xfree.  Once done I suggest:

emerge windowmaker

trying to run system heavy games in kde is not going to 
be as fun as you might imagine due to the amount of 
resources KDE needs to run.  

Quick Install:

download the tar file.
tar -xvf gx-wx-inst-1.0.tar
chmod +x gentoox_winex

Suggested answers to prompts:

If you have never installed winex on your current system 
you can simply press 1 for i agree , and then 1 for 
install.  If you want to stumble through the basics 
etc.. you may do so , just follow the prompts it's 
pretty easy.  

Please send all bug info to [email protected] Thanks!