Maelstrom-X - Maelstrom for XBox v1

This is a port of the game Maelstrom.  It's like an updated Asteroids, but includes 
multi-player action and DeathMatches.  

Super thanks to Lantus for his SDL-XBox libraries!

Usage Notes :  

Main Menu:

A                 - Start Game
B                 - Select Number of Players (1,2,3,2-Deathmatch,3-Deathmatch)
BACK              - Quit Maelstrom
START             - Start Game

In-Game Controls:

Left Analog L/R   - Rotate Ship
Left Anonlog Up   - Thrust
A                 - Fire Button
B/X               - Shields
BACK              - Quit Game
START             - Pause Game
RTHUMB Button     - Cheat (godmode)

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