MirrorMagicX - Mirror Magic II for for XBox v1




This is a port of the game Mirror Magic.  If you like puzzle games like I do, then
you'll love this game.

Super thanks to Lantus for his SDL-XBox libraries!

Usage Notes :  

Use an XBox controller plugged into port #1

Left Analog Stick - Moves mouse
A                 - Mouse Button 1
B                 - Mouse Button 2
START             - Keyboard ENTER key (Select menu items)
BACK              - Keyboard ESCAPE key
Y                 - Turn cheats on/off
DPAD              - Select menu items

The object of the game is to first guide the magic wand energy and destroy the spheres
and/or other objects. Then you must guide the magic wand energy to the exit door.

You can put your own MOD music in the "music" dir.

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