It was found that the Audio Exploit was also triggered when doing an HD to HD 
music copy instead of a CD to HD, thanks to Xboxhakur.

I made a new version of the Audio Exploit that doesn't need any swap trick 
with an audio CD, but still needs a key combo.

Install it like the old Audio Exploit, and to trigger it you can either use
the old Audio Exploit method (with an Audio CD), or the new swap-less one :

  Go into Music, then don't choose Audio CD but the No-name soundtrack below 
  it, Copy, Copy, New Soundtrack, Done. Linux should be running (use the 
  linux.xbe file provided with the old Audio Exploit).
  The pressed keys are : A, Down, A, Down, A, Right, Right, A, A, A

A new dashboard has been released today that stop people from using linux 
without a modchip (for now) so you'll need the old live dashboard.

NOTE: There's now one thing that can go wrong, be sure to ALWAYS choose 
"New Soundtrack" at the end, and not the No-name soundtrack, else the
audio exploit won't work anymore and you'll have to re-install it using 007/MA 
(but your xbox and dashboard will work as usual). So if you're scared because
of that, better use the old Audio Exploit. 

Q: Does it run backups ?
A: No, linux only.

Alex B.