tHc at XboxDash presents...

XboxDash-Hacked 10027100 v1.1-THC.rar
XboxDash-Hacked 1012a700 v1.1-THC.rar

This latest updater for the original Microsoft Dashboard now 
covers both 10027100 and 1012a700 versions of the dash. All 
known bugs from previous versions have been eliminated except 
for the memory card issue and the 8gb stock HD issue. First 
and most importantly - they are NOT compatable with memory cards. 
If you have a memory card in your controller when you go to the 
memory menu - it will tell you it has just formatted your card. 
And it does. Seeing as how you needed a chip and ftp access to 
your xbox to even put the dash on in the first place - this 
shouldn't really be an issue. Saves can be ftp'd on to your 
box - and if you need to take a save on the go to a friends 
house - put the card in - it'll be formatted for you - but you
 can still save to it afterwards. The other known issue is 
with a stock 8gb HD with no F partition. There's a simple fix
 for this one though thankfully. If you happen to be stuck with
 the stock 8gb HD - simply edit default.xip/default.xap - scroll
 down into the auto fill function and replace all the checks 
on Partition6 with Partition4 or 5. Simply replacing them all
 with Partition1 will result in multiples of all listed 
titles - so go with an existing, non-utilized partition :)

There are 9 patchers included in each dash versions patcher kit. 
Usage is simple...

1 - Put your dash files (xboxdashdata folder and the xbe) 
    in a folder.

2 - Run the Base Model Patcher for your correct version of 
    dash. When prompted to choose install directory, select 
    the path to the folder containing your dash files. Patcher 
    will now tel you that install directory already exists - do 
    you wish to install to anyway ? Yes - you do, select yes. 
    When patching is complete program will tell you the patch 
    was successfully applied. Click Finish - you're done with 
    that patcher.

3 - Here is where you have choices. After you have run the Base 
    Model Patcher you will have a stock looking modified dash 
    including the following tweaks/mods... 

	a) Background Music from soundtracks - X Button turns on 
	background music and skips to next random track. Y Button 
	turns off background music and returns you to the standard 
	Ambient Sounds. This function may also be enabled in the 
	config.xap to start up background music on boot.

	b) AutoFill from Game Saves - the closest you can get now 
	to an autofill setup. It will detect and place your 
	launchables in the right menus as per the following rules...

		1 - the save name and game/app/emu/dash folder name 
		must be THE SAME. i.e., you have a save named "Halo" 
		and your game is in a folder named "Halo" = good. On 
		the other hand, you have a save named "Xbox Media Player"
		and your app is in a folder called XBMP = not good.

		2 - If you don't have any items for a category such as 
		app/emus etc... don't have the menu enabled in the 
		config.xap - it will only reset your system when you
		try to enter a menu with no contents. If you are not 
		sure whether you titles were found, at the main menu 
		press down on the Right Thumbstic kand the results of 
		the autofill search will be displayed.

		3 - The xbe's MUST be named default.xbe. So if you have 
		gotten creatively name happy - change em back.

		4 - Use XTech's Dummy Save Manager to create any/all 
		needed saves so your menus will reflect the true contents 
		of your HD. Not all emus and apps create save files - so
                this will ensure they make it to your menus.
	c) config.xap located in default.xip - this is where you can 
	customize your dashboard's settings. Take your time going through 
	these options the first time, as once it is done correctly you 
	need not do it again unless you decide to change the setup. Be sure
	 to set the correct folder names towards the bottom of the 
	config.xap in the Storage section, if you do not put the right 
	name here - you won't have anything in your menus, if you don't 
	have anything in your menus then it'll reset when you enter the 
	menu, if it resets when you enter the menu we get complaints of 
	things not working, we get complaints then we have to tell you to 
	check your settings for correct folder name, you finally check your 
	settings and realize you never did it in the first place and you've 
	just wasted alot of people's time and effort, including your own. So 
	do everyone a favor and take you r time to make sure all your settings 
	are correct.

Your Options...
the following patchers can be applied to the files you patched with 
the Base Model Patcher. The names are pretty self explanatory, but here 
are the descriptions never-the-less...
Blue-CellWall-Orbs 10027100.exe 
Blue-CellWall-Orbs 1012a700.exe 
	Blue dash with the CellWall effect 
	in background and our custom orbs.
Blue-CellWall-Orbs-Panels 10027100.exe 
Blue-CellWall-Orbs-Panels 1012a700.exe 
	Blue dash with the CellWall effect in background,
	custom orbs, and panels.xbx used to give menu panels
	their color/texture. Replacing panels.xbx in...
	(can be any desired size image - currently 256x256)

...will change the look of ALL the panels in your dash. 
Usefull in skinning if you want to use textures/colors not 
available through presets you can alter with HeXbe.
Blue-NoCellWall-Orbs 10027100.exe 
Blue-NoCellWall-Orbs 1012a700.exe 
	Blue dash without the CellWall effect in background 
and our custom orbs. The lack of a CellWall effect makes 
it easier to see your custom backgrounds.
Blue-NoCellWall-Orbs-Panels 10027100.exe 
Blue-NoCellWall-Orbs-Panels 1012a700.exe 
	Blue dash without the CellWall effect in background, 
custom orbs, and panels.xbx used to give menu panels 
their color/texture.
Green-CellWall-Orbs 10027100.exe 
Green-CellWall-Orbs 1012a700.exe 
	Green dash with the CellWall effect in 
background and our custom orbs.
Green-CellWall-Orbs-Panels 10027100.exe 
Green-CellWall-Orbs-Panels 1012a700.exe 
	Green dash with the CellWall effect in background, 
custom orbs, and panels.xbx used to give menu panels 
their color/texture.
Green-NoCellWall-Orbs 10027100.exe 
Green-NoCellWall-Orbs 1012a700.exe
	Green dash without the CellWall effect in 
background and our custom orbs. 
Green-NoCellWall-Orbs-Panels 10027100.exe 
Green-NoCellWall-Orbs-Panels 1012a700.exe 
	Green dash without the CellWall effect in background, 
custom orbs, and panels.xbx used to give menu panels 
their color/texture.

Standard button activated Features...

Main Menu
Right ThumbStick Press will show results of autofill checks
X Button will start/skip to next song of background music
Y Button will turn off background music and return to ambient sounds
B Button prompts for power off
Left Trigger, Right Trigger, White Button and Black Button are all 
user definable hot keys to launch titles directly from main menu 
with a single button press.

Memory Menu
Left Trigger will show you the name of the folder the save is 
stored in. In the case of a duplicate save from XTech's Dummy 
Save Manager - look at the path shown in the pop up box. If the 
folder name is dsm_** it is a dummy and if you have a 
duplicate - that is the one you should delete.

 	As stated when completing a patch - there is no need to 
resign. Both kits use no xip hacked xbe's to accomodate the 
21 xips which make up their xboxdashdata folders. The only time
 you will need to resign your xbe is if you add/remove files 
from a xip.

	Once again included in the release is XTech's Dummy Save 
Manager. Although the config now allows you to define your storage 
folders with whatever names you choose - this version of Dummy 
Save Manager does not support all possible names. If you experience 
an issue of the tool not finding all your titles on your 
HD - temporarily rename the folder to a common name like apps 
or games, then run the tool to create your dummy saves - then 
name them back to they way you have them defined in your 

Thanks and props go out to all in the scene who not only 
got us into it in the first place - but keep us here :)
Thanks for choosing to use our dash mod - and as always... 

Till next time...

(JbOnE, Gcue)
tHc at XboxDash