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     /__/\_ \|___  /\___  >         |   __(____  /\___  >__|_ \
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                           version 0.1

                 -== D O C U M E N T A T I O N ==-
    [1. OVERVIEW]
    In 1998 I was one of the first 3 persons who released Win-PE 
    crypters. Now 5 years later I am proud to present you the
    first publicly available packer and crypter for XBOX executable
    files. To my knowledge there exists only one other XBE packer
    which is used to pack the evolutionX binary. As far as I know
    the packer itself was never released to the public. While this
    other wrapper is only a packer xbe-pack includes some little 
    tricks that should protect your homebrew code against curious

    I, the author, am *NOT* responsible for any damage caused by
    the use of
 xbe-pack. This software is free for non-commercial
    use and free from any guarantee that it is unbreakable. You
    should be aware that absolutely no executable wrapper is
    unbreakable and anyone who claims that his product is, is a 

    [3. USAGE]
    This package includes this .nfo file and the linux binary
    version of xbepack. Using it is as simple as 
    ./xbepack xbefile.xbe
    The protected XBE file will be written to out.xbe into the
    same directory. You can optionally use the commandline 
    parameter -o to specify another output file.

    xbe-pack adds a new section to the xbefile. For compression
    it uses aplib. For now all sections are switched to preload.
    Support for load on demand is already in the works. (release
    early, release often) For the moment the decrypter itself is 
    protected with anti debugging code that is similiar to the
    stuff I had implemented in the MechInstaller. Additionally
    the kernel thunktable is protected against simple rebuilding.
    Support for function based encryption based on .map files is
    in the works.
    You may contact me, if you find any incompatibility or just 
    want to tell
 me your opinion (or ideas). You should also 
    contact me, if you release
 a program protected with xbe-pack.

    contact address: [email protected]

    It is strictly forbidden to protect any kind of commercial
    product (XBOX game) with this crypter. If any game company
    wants to use this crypter or would like a special crypter
    designed for their games they MUST contact me. Reversing this
    crypter for commercial use is also strictly forbidden. This
    includes of course the code stealers from Macrovision. Their
    "innovative" safedisk wrapper which you can find on all major
    windows games is based upon tricks you can find implemented
    in pecrypt32, pelocknt and my peshield.
    [7. GREETINGS]
    I do not want to forget someone, so I simply greet the world.