Xbox Dash 10027100 Patchers from tHe XboxDash CReW...

This release is really 5 in 1. All have the autofill and 
soundtrack functionlity as well as a new more user configurable 
config.xap file. Many options were added to it so be sure to 
thoroughly go through it the first time you set it up. Also 
included in all versions are a couple of firsts... the first 
time most of you will see a beta menu we have revived :) And 
also the first 21 xip dash - thanks to the use of a no xip 
hacked xbe. Unfortunately due to this fact these patches are 
only compatable with the version 4920 dash (xboxdashdata.10027100).
 Before I get into the descriptions of each patch I must stress 
the few known bugs that we have found. First and most 
importantly - they are NOT compatable with memory cards. 
If you have a memory card in your controller when you go to 
the memory menu - it will tell you it has just formatted your 
card. And it does. Seeing as how you needed a chip and ftp access
to your xbox to even put the dash on in the first place - this 
shouldn't really be an issue. Saves can be ftp'd on to your 
box - and if you need to take a save on the go to a friends 
house - put the card in - it'll be formatted for you - but you 
can still save to it afterwards. The other known issue is with 
a stock 8gb HD with no F partition. There's a simple fix for this
one though thankfully. If you happen to be stuck with the stock 
8gb HD - simply edit default.xip/default.xap - scroll down into
 the auto fill function and replace all the checks on Partition6
 with Partition4 or 5. Simply replacing them all with Partition1
 will result in multiples of all listed titles - so go with an 
existing, non-utilized partition :)

Now on to the good stuff....

Xbox Dash 10027100 Stock Base Model Patcher.exe
	This is the first step for any of the desired results. 
All the other patchers in this release were designed to be run 
on the files you will get as a result of this patcher. So if you 
want a blue dash with the cellwall effect, run this patcher 
first - then run the Xbox Dash 10027100 Blue with CellWall Patcher
 on the files you just patched. The base model is just as it 
sounds - a stock looking dash with all the goodies we could 
pack in it (for now hehe)

Xbox Dash 10027100 Green with CellWall Patcher.exe
	Running this patcher on patched base model files will 
give a green dash with the cellwall effect in the background, 
and a little something extra in your dash :) This is a skinned 
dash with a little eye candy we threw in to make up for not 
having the save icons in the orbs yet. Read below on how to 
further skin this mod.

Xbox Dash 10027100 Green No CellWall Patcher.exe
	This patcher will result in the same the last one - but 
with no cellwall effect in the background so your custom 
backgrounds can be clearly seen. Again - read below on skinning.

Xbox Dash 10027100 Blue with CellWall Patcher.exe 
& Xbox Dash 10027100 Blue No CellWall Patcher.exe
	Same as the green ones - but kicked up a notch 
with everyone's favorite blue mod ;)


Now that there is an official section on 
for ms dash skins, we have made every effort to make 
skinning - and sharing your skins easier with this dash. By now 
everyone know how to change their background images and edit the 
colors with HeXbe. This release also incorporates a single xbx 
file named panels.xbx which - you guessed it - allows you to 
change the colors/textures of all the menu panels in the dash 
by simply replacing the xbx in the xips. the xbx used was  
256x256 one, and is found in the following xips...


Backgrounds are easily changed too by adding in your custom 
background as xboxbg.xbx in default.xip.

These changes now make it possible to distibute 
a skin as a set of...
 background image (xboxbg.xbx)- panels texture (panels.xbx) 
 and HeXbe color project file.


Main Menu
Right ThumbStick Press will show results of autofill checks

X Button will start/skip to next song of background music

Y Button will turn off background music and return you to the 
  ambient sounds

B Button prompts for power off

Left Trigger, Right Trigger, White Button and Black Button 
are all user definable hot keys to launch titles directly 
from main menu with a single button press.

Memory Menu
Left Trigger will show you the name of the folder the save 
is stored in. In the case of a duplicate save from XTech's 
Dummy Save Manager - look at the path shown in the pop up 
box. If the folder name is dsm_** it is a dummy and if you 
have a duplicate - that is the one you should delete.

The new setup of the config file includes many new 
options - from custom system info text - to the storage 
options you choose for autofill. As stated earlier - please 
take your time the first time you set it up so you can check 
out all the new options and make use of them the 
first time through ;)

Once again included in the release is XTech's Dummy Save Manager. 
Although the config now allows you to define your storage folders 
with whatever names you choose - this version of Dummy Save Manager 
does not support all possible names. If you experience an issue 
of the tool not finding all your titles on your HD - temporarily 
rename the folder to a common name like apps or games, then run 
the tool to create your dummy saves - then name them back to 
they way you have them defined in your config.xap.

Thanks and props go out to all in the scene who not only got us 
into it in the first place - but keep us here :)
Thanks for choosing to use our dash mod - and as always  

Till next time...

(JbOnE, Gcue)
tHe XboxDash CReW