README for WinHME Gui v1.475 BETA

By jimmsta

Changelog... (I think I need one of these)

Updated the BanshInject GUI to v1.1, based off the standalone version
Fixed a lot of bugs in the main gui
Made some error-correction code
Released a Development Public build - v1.475

Added the BanshInject GUI
Added a link to the HT Editor program
Cleaned up some little bugs
Made an icon for the Bansh GUI
Released the latest version - v1.45

Fixed some cosmetic bugs, and released a new patch - v1.44.1

Instructions for the WinHME Gui:

1. Extract the WinHME archive. Make sure to place whatever maps you wish to work with in the directory. 
2. Select the map from the directory that WinHME was extracted to.
3. Type text-file name for output (with extension .txt), & click text output checkbox. (OPTIONAL!!!)
4. Click OS version
5. Copy text in Command Line text box.
6. Right-click on command prompt titlebar. Go down to Edit -> Paste
7. Press enter
8. Wait for operation to finish.
9. All done!

Instuctions for the Tool "BanshInject GUI"

1. Select the map file using the browse button
2. Type in the offset of the file you would like to inject, or extract.
3. Type in all required information.
4. Click the operation button for what you would like to do with the file
5. Copy the text in the Command Line text box.
6. Click your OS version.
7. Right-Click on command prompt titlebar, Go down to Edit -> Pase.
8. Press enter.
9. Wait for operation to finish
10. All done!

Readme File for the tool "HT Editor"
Please read HT_README.text in the extracted directory. ;P

(C)2003 by jimmsta