README for BatchFile Maker 1.01 Beta
By: jimmsta


If you've downloaded this program, and gotten it working, you'll notice that this is somewhat the same as WinHME GUI.

It is NOT, however, that program. At the moment, Saving files is not implemented, as opening files isn't implemented in WinHME Gui.

This program is a preview of 4 hours of work, and was originally designed to show a concept idea that I had, of which worked.

This tool will be either included as a separate tool in the GUI, or it'll be released as a separate program.


v1.00a -> v1.01 Beta (Public Release 1)
* Fixed the ICON...
* Changed the UI, which starts up in Basic mode. A checkbox allows for you to view the advanced view
  - Made the window auto-resize after getting out of Advanced view
* Fixed a few bugs that were causing the checkboxes to die...
* This is the first branch-off from the original source. 
  - The UI is the main change that brought out a Public Release.
  - The v1.00a UI is still used for debugging purposes, and most major code changes will come from that branch.

v1.00 Alpha -> v1.00a
* Bug fixes
* Random new features
* First ICON designed

v1.00 Alpha 
* First version


(C)2003 By jimmsta