-                    baMXMConfig v1.0                  -
-                   by: jinx_removing                   -

	You WILL need the .NET 1.1 framework to use this
	program, as it was developed in VisualBasic.NET

	Download here:

-special thanks
	BenJeremy for writing such a kick-ass dash.

	Emmegi for creating the MXM XML string
	bible.  I stole heavily from it.

	Strongbad for his creation, Myxlite.

	YuYu for testing and providing feedback

	You're using this at your own risk. I will not be
	held accountable if this produces results less
	than desirable.

	If you find a bug or think of something that will
	make this application better, please PM me 
	(jinx_removing) at forums.xbox-scene.com or post
	a message in the forums with baMXM somewhere in
	the title and I'll get back to you.

	See below for known issues.

	Before doing anything you'll regret, backup whatever
	it is you'll be working on.

-What is it?
	baMXMConfig is a utility to help you modify the
	MXM.XML file that MXM uses to run.  It will
	download the XML file from your XBox, parse it,
	and upload it back when you're done editing.

	Original MXM.XML (as found on the XBox at the
	time of each upload) is backed up as:


	baMXMConfig works offline as well and will load
	any MXM.XML file you may have stored on
	your hard drive (File -> Load MXM.XML (Local))

	If you are having problems connecting to the
	XBOX via the FTP functions, enable the
	"Output debug.txt" check box in
	FTP -> Settings.  This will output debug.txt
	in the directory that the application is
	launched from and will catalog the steps
	that the application tried to take when
	connecting to the XBox.

-known issues
	+ None, yet.

	1.0	09/06/03