README for BanshInject Gui v1.00 BETA

SPECIAL THANKS TO KornKob for the BanshInject program. Please read "readme-banshinject.txt" to understand how to use his util without the gui!

GUI By jimmsta

NOTE: To run this application, you must have the VB6 Runtime files installed! You can get them from microsoft.com, or search for them on google!


* Made the standalone version of the GUI
* Cleaned up the gui a little bit
* Cosmetic issues were tweaked
* Small size (40KB!)
* New version released - v1.00

* Released the GUI as a tool in WinHME GUI.
* First release luckily had no reported bugs.
* As a part of the WinHME GUI, the app will change over time...
* Released as version 0.1, due to the expectation of many bugs.

Instuctions for BanshInject GUI

1. Select the map file using the browse button
2. Type in the offset of the file you would like to inject, or extract.
3. Type in all required information.
4. Click the operation button for what you would like to do with the file
5. Copy the text in the Command Line text box.
6. Click your OS version.
7. Right-Click on command prompt titlebar, Go down to Edit -> Pase.
8. Press enter.
9. Wait for operation to finish
10. All done!

(C)2003 by jimmsta