dvd2xbox v0.4.3 based on xbcopy002 by WiSo

+ added logfile writing for XBOX DVD and ISO copy mode
  (enable/disable via logfile param in dvd2xbox.xml. for those who can't read so fast. ;-)
+ changed set media type from 0x000000FF to 0x400001FF to enable start of app even from
  unlocked hdd.
+ added manual media check remover in browser mode. browse your hdd, select *.xbe file
  and press start to patch it.

+ added freedb support (audio cds are now recognize over freecddb.org and
  the encoded ogg files are named after title and artist. ogg tags are
  also filled in).
+ media patcher now checks all .xbe files after the dump (only default.xbe
  was patched in previous versions).
+ changed game title folder name parser from alpha numeric to fatX conform.
+ added background picture (still not the final one but I don't find an
  image which fits to a file manager app).

Please use the newest dvd2xbox.xml !

+ added 2 phase default.xbe media check (thanks to Xeero):
  first search for the 19 byte string. if found patch it and exit.
  if not found search for the 8 byte string. if found patch it and exit.
+ added config tag autopatch to enable/disable auto patching

+ added iso9660 filename parser (not fatx compliant characters will be filtered out
  and length will be cutted down to 42 letters)
+ added <copyretries> to dvd2xbox.xml. choose how many copy retries dvd2xbox should
  accomplish before it fails copying a file (iso9660 and UDF mode, reminds me on old
  Amiga days :-)
+ added simple Hdd browser with the following features:
  + delete highlited file or directory tree
  + launch game / app within directories (highlite default.xbe)

Please use always the newest dvd2xbox.xml file. The current XML parser hangs when
config entries aren't found !

+ added XBMP iso9660 reader for dumping ISO CDs (thanks to XBMP)
  (a lot of CDs doesn't work but don't ask me why because the code is almost 1:1 taken from XBMP)
+ added standard VCD and SVCD to media detection 
  (both dumped via XBMP iso code. same limitations than above)
+ Video DVD / XBOX DVD media size calculation now based on counting each file (thanks to BenJeremy)
  (takes a little bit longer but is much more accurate than GetDiskFreeSpaceEx)
+ only display warning if DVD media size is greater than free space
+ set UDF dump mode as default to try dumping if media detection fails

+ added display of media size (XBOX app / Video DVD)
+ added display of free space available
+ added check if dump media fits on hdd
+ added title parser which removes non alpha numeric characters from dump dir names
+ added progress display to Video DVD ripper
+ added creation of favorite dump directories when not found

+ increased Video DVD ripping speed
+ get name from Video DVD (unfortunately this functions failes for some encrypted discs,
  same function works in copy mode !?)
+ added CDDA and Data CD to media detection
+ added CDDA to ogg ripping/encoding using CDRipXlib (only vbr quality setting for the 
  time being, 0.1 lo up to 1.0 hi)
+ added config settings for background color (nothing mind but requested)
+ reenabled open tray notify

+ added config file. configure your favorite dump positions
+ added media detection (XBOX DVD / Video DVD)
+ copying Video DVDs using libdvdread/libdvdcss :-)
  (testing. still needs some speed improvements if possible. If DVD isn't
   authenticated, restart box and try again)

+ displays a warning and the filename if there are files with more than 42 letters

+ set media type to 0x000000FF 
+ removes media check 2 
  (for newer games like Red Faction 2, Tao Feng, etc.) 

+ fixed getTitle from xbe. 

+ extracts dirname from .xbe 
+ multiple dvd copies without reboot ! 
+ opens tray when copy is done (notify) 

thanks to all bug reporters and XBMP for some ported libs and code snippets.
please contact me over http://forums.xbox-scene.com/ for bug reports or feature requests.