Cartographer v1.0 Beta 5
9/3/2003 11:20 PM

What's New?

Direct cache-editing and other small bugs fixed 
Map selection screen now has fully-populated images 
Built-in connection manager for supporting multiple XBOXs 
'LAN Party' mode supports editing from one box and saving to unlimited boxes 
Finished output parser, CTG file is now imported directly from Halo outputs 
Support for over 128 elements at over 2300 locations 
PAL users can now edit just as many elements as NTSC users! (Requires PAL Keys package from the project website) 
The increased number of supported elements for both NTSC and PAL is thanks in part to my element parser, help from the guys like Iron Forge on IRC, and especially to Pugs for getting me the PAL output files. I hope you all enjoy this release. You can e-mail me if you have problems. Also, please stop by the project website for the users guide. It provides step-by-step illustrated instructions in case you're experiencing any difficulties.