kornkob's injector v1

(it's named banshInject because that was the original goal of the project, it was since made more of a general

-extract bitmap and sound files.
-inject bitmap files (custom textures etc, whatever u wanna do)

future features:
-sound injection
-model extraction/injection

How to Use:
-x <offset to bitmap structure to extract> <output filename>
-i <mapname to inject to> <offset to bitmap structure to inject to> <inject filename>
-s <offset of sound structure to extract> <offset of next item structure> <output filename>

bitmap's are extracted as tga files, use that as the extension. sound files are extracted as wav files.
injected bitmaps are to be saved as DDS files with DXT1 (no alpha) format with existing mip maps (use the DXT
plugin for photoshop). all offsets are decimal (can try adding 0x to the front of a hex offset, not tested)

easiest way to edit a bitmap right is, extract it as a tga, open it, save it as a dds, open the dds, edit it
however u want, save it, inject it, play more halo :)

-x and -s default to using cache003.map, i can change it but i wanted a public release out first :)

Credits go out to the Halo-dev team (namely Slayer, he doesnt get near enuff credit), Bungie for Halo of course
and M$ for our big black fun box.

drop a line/comment/whatever off at irc.us.freenode.net, channels #halo2 and #halohacker