StepmaniaX - Stepmania for XBox - v1

Months before the official DDR game comes to platform, I give you StepmaniaX!

Please note that this NFO does not contain instructions for how to use Stepmania.
If this is your first time playing with Stepmania, then I suggest you download the
Windows version first.  Consult the stepmania website noted above and read up
on the Stepmania documentation.  This StepmaniaX package will run without 
any modifications/additions, but it will only contain one sample dance song.  It is
up to you do add the songs you desire.


First, ensure that the StepmaniaX package you have contains lots of graphics
and MP3 files.  It has come to my attention that some very foolish people have
been stripping my original packages of necessary files.  They take out the
/MEDIA directory sometimes or they will remove BIOS files necessary for emulators
to run, etc.  If the StepmaniaX package you downloaded does not contain lots
of graphics and MP3 files, then *IT WILL NOT RUN*.  All of the files are

If your package does not contain all of the graphics/MP3 files, then I suggest 
that you download the Windows Stepmania 3.0 final file from here:

After downloading it, install it on your PC, then upload the entire Stepmania
directory to a directory on your XBox.  Now copy the XBE file into the Stepmania
directory along with the /MEDIA directory.  When you are finished, the directory
structure on your XBox should look like this:

<DIR>          Announcers
<DIR>          BGAnimations
<DIR>          Cache
<DIR>          CDTitles
<DIR>          Courses
<DIR>          Media
<DIR>          Music
<DIR>          NoteSkins
<DIR>          RandomMovies
<DIR>          Songs
     1,404,928 stepmaniax.xbe
<DIR>          Themes
<DIR>          Visualizations

Please note that as of this time StepmaniaX will only run off the HD - do not
attempt to run it from DVD/CDRW media.


Simply run the XBE file.  When it starts, you will see some text messages
on the screen telling you the progress of the files it is trying to load.
When it finishes loading the song files, you will be presented with the main
StepmaniaX title screen.


Get a PS2->Xbox controller adaptor.  The one I have is called "Total Control"
from Team5 and it works great.  I'm sure any others will work just as well.


Any controller plugged into any of the 4 XBox ports can perform certain actions 
while running StepmaniaX:

LANALOG/RANALOG   - Use these to adjust the screen.
DPAD U/D/L/R      - These correspond to the dance arrows and also menu scrolling
START             - Select/Start
BACK              - Cancel - hold this button down while playing to back out
BLACK/WHITE       - Only used during gameplay.  These will adjust the beat offset.
                    If you notice that the dance steps seem to be a bit before or
                    a bit after the actual music, then use these buttons to
                    make adjustments until it plays the way you want it to.
LTRIGGER/RTRIGGER - Only used during gameplay.  These will adjust the BPM value.
                    If you notice that the dance steps start off OK, but 
                    gradually drift more and more out of whack, then you should
                    use these buttons to adjust the BPM value until it plays the
                    way you want it to.


The following restrictions may or may not be removed in a future release :

Does not support OGG files.  Only use MP3 files.
Does not support AVI/MPG or any other kind of movie file.
Can only run from the XBox hard drive.
Can not use the Song Edit screens


Q: It used to work, but now I just get a blank screen.  What happened?
A: The stepmania.ini file was probably changed.  Delete it and restart.

Q: I have a PAL XBox and it doesn't seem to work.
A: Make sure widescreen and/or progressive settings are off.  
   Try both PAL/50 and PAL/60.

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