Apr 27 2003

Media X Menu 0.9i

Big release.

Long story short: Complete overhaul of the skinning engine and menuing system. It can also run as a dashboard.

Beta 0.9i
* Setting TitleDelay to "-1" will leave the title screen on until the user presses a button 
  (Unless <EndAfterSequence> selected in image for layout)
* New skinning technology (See accompanying SkinningOverview.doc for details)
  Key Features:
  - Font cache: Fonts are skin loadable resources. One is built in, and the MenuX fonts are loaded in 
    in that mode.
  - "Old School" MenuX style menublock. While MXM's version is much more configurable, in MenuX mode, we
    make it look EXACTLY like the original, provided correct fonts are present. 
  - Dynamic text fields with numerous effects using modifiers. Uses fonts from cache.
* Added capability to use SubMenus and load from secondary menu files. This is a big one... still
  works the old way, but with true XML loading of the menu information, you can now group items in a variety
  of ways and also you don't need to worry anymore about the <Item_1> indexing.
* I think the dashboard issues are fixed. More detail will be explained in the new User's Guide. It should
  run from any partition, but it does so by searching for itself as a dashboard (this is due to the fact that
  I have no way that I can tell where MXM is run from).
* MXM supports multiple directories and files to be added to the local soundtrack (supported in skin)
* Added power off to System Menu
* Supports TitleImage.xbx (Program Icons) for image types. Using the XBE as an image source now redirects to the 
  appropriate TitleImage.xbx file.
* AutoDir supports "Flatten" and "Recurse" flags. Flatten keeps all entries, regardless of how deep they are in the
  directories, in the same menu level as the AutoDir tag - defaults to FALSE. Recurse, causes the AutoDir search to look 
  into subfolders beyond one level down - defaults to TRUE.
* <RemoveDuplicates> option will eliminate multiple occurances of the same app from popping up. Defaults to TRUE.
* Internal images can be used as resources. These have unique filenames:
* Ugh. Dashboards menu doens't work too well. Not sure what's going on there. Hopefully it will be fixed by 0.9h
* FTP server is enabled, but it will likely lock up on use. It requires a valid FileZilla.xml file, and I've run out 
  of time to get it sorted out.