by Xtech & Vulgusprofanum

Current Version = 0.9.209
Release Date = 8/31/03
Release Type = Public Beta

{What is it?}
The first of it's kind, Hexbe is an application that easily allows you to change up
to 39 textures in "xboxdash.xbe" directly over ftp in just a couple of clicks. 
With user-control in mind, available is 4 sliders (1 for each of the channels Alpha,
R, G, and B), and a Color Palette for the lazy asses out there. For the old school,
stubborn hackers, included also is a manual patching technique, that can be 
executed and reisigned manually.

Ftp Patching:
* Not much to say here...pretty self explanatory.

Local Patching :  (A quick tutorial)
* Edit your colors, select an xbe, save your project. That's it. (You may need to
sign the Xip File structure to the xbe if you have not already.

* Yes, you need a modchip to use this program. 
* Tested on xboxdash versions 4920 and 4627, does not work on "Pre-Live"
* Make a backup of your xbe, just in case.
* Although you will find 7 textures with Alpha Values enabled... it is not recommended 
to these values.
* When using the FTP Patch methods, you must use EvolutionX as the server. (Not 
tested with other servers.
* Make sure you specify the path for FtpPatch in the correct format
	Valid Path = /C/Dashboards/xboxdash.xbe
 	InValidPath = C:\Dashboards\xboxdash.xbe
	InvalidPath = C:/Dashboards/xboxdash.xbe

{Next Release}
* Alot of future possibilities with this.....as new textures arise they will be added.
* More error handling
* The Possibility of patching the xbox4.xbx, GameHilite_01.xbx and Outline.xbx
* Previews!
* Open for suggestions.

{Credits} .. and thanks

Voltaic	Got it all started (would we be anywhere without Pixit/Winxip?)
Gcue	Hours and hours of Hexediting and dissassembly - much thanks.

Voltaic, Gcue, JbOne, Iriez, Giznad, Bio}{azard, SuperDaimyo (anyone missed?) 

{Version Info}

0.9.209	Several Fixes with default alpha values
	FTP optimization.

0.9.203	Added FTP patching

0.9.108	Initial "Private" Beta Release

0.8.6	Fixed Some nagging texture bugs

0.4.2	Fixed Logging/Status Issues

0.3.9	Added Project Support
0.3.7	Added Supprt for Fuckdb's Color Presets

0.2	Initial GUI
	Added Sliders/Color Picker