XLink Messenger RC2: Omega

XLink Messenger is the core of the XLink toolset. This PC application contains the core tunneling
services and server communications engine, used by all the other XLink tools. Many people have
tried to create powerful XBox tunneling applications before, but we believe that RC2: Omega is
unrivaled in terms of speed, flexibility and ease of use.


Stunning Performance - the fastest XBox tunnel ever created.

Multiple Gaming Modes - For private play, casual gaming or community gaming.

Voice Support - Either "in game" using the XBox Communicator (supported games only), or
everywhere using VoiceStream (PC headset required).

Intuitive UI - Clean, simple, famaliar Windows interface. Bloat free :).

Fully Skinnable - Use our existing skins - or make your own - with the provided tools.

Homebrew Support - Complete support for XBox homebrew applications. If it works on your LAN, it
will work over XLink.


32bit Windows - 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 or XP.

XBox Console - Heh.. yep.

Suitable Network - Either a router, 2 network cards or a hub. Basically, your PC needs to able to
talk to the XBox over the network.

XLink Messenger Software - As ever, completely free. Head over to the download section to grab

An XTag - So people know who you are. Get one from the signup page.


Download Now - Simply click here.

Support / Help

Online Help - Available by clicking the "Help" menu in XLink, or by clicking here.

Forum Support - Check out the XLink Messenger forums by clicking here.

Email Support - Email to [email protected]