XBFTPHelper v0.01a

XBFTPHelper is a batch file that gives your computer a temporary private IP address for FTPing to your Xbox, and reassigns a DHCP address after your FTP session has ended. This is useful if your ISP assigns a SNMask, like mine does, which limits your LAN transfer speeds to the capped speed of your cable/dsl modem. I have a feeling that this is not a common problem, but hopefully someone else will find this useful. 

This might seem a bit complicated, but I found that having to click my way to TCP/IP settings in control panel all the time was pretty tedious. With this batch file, all that's required after the one-time setup is a double-click, and everything else is done for you.


1) Extract XBFTPHelper.bat and done.msg to C:\Program Files\XBFTPHelper\

2) Edit XBFTPHelper.bat in notepad to verify settings

(FlashFXP.exe path is C:\Program Files\FlashFXP\ by default)

(Local path in FlashFXP is C:\Program Files\XBFTPHelper\My Box\ by default)
(Remote path in FlashFXP is D:\ (DVD-ROM drive) by default)

(Xbox IP address is by default)
(Xbox FTP username/password is xbox/xbox by default)

3) When you double-click the XBFTPHelper.bat file, the following actions occur:

a) Your computer's IP address is set to with a SNMask of

b) FlashFXP is started, and automatically connects to the Xbox (with dvd-rom drive as remote directory, and specified local path as local directory)

c) Once FlashFXP is closed, your computer's IP address is set to DHCP lookup and a message is displayed.


Note: If you would like your computer to be assigned a different static IP address after FlashFXP is closed, you can edit the fourth line as follows:

netsh interface ip set address "Local Area Connection" dhcp

netsh interface ip set address "Local Area Connection" static ChosenIPAddress SubnetMask DefaultGateway 1


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