MP3 -> FatX Renamer 0.8b
Released: 29 August 2003
(Coded in Delphi)

Creator: CRP

MP3 FAT-X Renamer 0.75b by CRP is a Win32 application which allow
you to transfer (and synchronize) your MP3 collection from your 
computer to the Xbox's build-in hard drive and even any Folder. 
The program has a integrated FTP-client that connects directly
to the integrated FTP-server and transfers all the files and 
folders you select, but what makes this program unique is that
it auto re-names all MP3 files (and the folders they are in) 
on-the-fly during transfer making them compatible with the FAT-X
naming convention. The original MP3 files & folders remain 
untouched during this process. 
(*Foot note: FAT-X, the Xbox file system only support 42 characters 
and do not support many foreign letters or odd characters 
(more info on this in the XBMP FAQ). 

- Windows 200/XP, 9X/ME should work also
- Xbox network with Computer running MP3 -> FatX Renamer.

- Of course the MutliSelect for both, the Explorer Window and the FTP Client. 
- Some more Functions for the FTP Client (rename, move etc.). And the Support for EvoX. 
- The advanced MP3 Functions. 


v0.8b (29/8-2003)
- Support for any files
- new GUI
- choosable Char Table
- FTP Client Functions
- and some more

v0.75b (14/8-2003)
- Initial Public Beta

Before v0.75b
- Various updates and additions

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