Launch up to 8 apps by holding a controller button during
boot. (More or less a proof of concept hack.)
The built-in ftp server will not function with this BIOS
because I ripped it out and replaced it with the launcher
app. Howver, I have included the FTP server as an XBE file.
If you add it to your boot.txt file you should probably
put it on line one, because if the A button isn't pressed
when it launches it will imediately try to boot a dash.
I've flashed this BIOS to my TSOP and tested it pretty
extensively. I can't guarantee, however, that it will work
on your box. Use with caution!


Make a text file named boot.txt (see example which should
have been included in the archive). Put the full pathnames
to the apps you want to have available on individual lines
in boot.txt. Example line:


Do not leave any blank lines between apps listed in
boot.txt. You can have less than 8 lines. You can also use
more, but anything past line 8 will be ignored.

Place boot.txt in the root directory of your C: partition.

The apps will be launched when a button is held during boot
according to the order listed in in boot.txt.

Line 1 - A Button
Line 2 - B Button
Line 3 - X Button
Line 4 - Y Button
Line 5 - Black Button
Line 6 - White Button
Line 7 - Left Trigger
Line 8 - Right Trigger

If the app isn't found or none of the above buttons were
held during boot, dashboard apps will be searched for in
the following order:



Quitting an app launched through this BIOS does seem to work
(I got a hang once, but I'm not sure why) and you can use
the buttons again to determine the next app to launch.

IGR seems to work and you can hold a button after the machine
resets to launch another app.
This BIOS is based on Team X-ecuter's embedded app 4978 BIOS

Fixed hang when no controllers were present.

Zeroed out dead data.