Extracts, Compiles, and Patches XBOX BIOS/Kernel Files.
See XBtoolDoc.html for more info.

Warning: major code changes. Use only if you can recover
from a bad flash. The 4978 patcher is experimental at this


Fixed 4978 patcher a bug that could allow patching with
dash names which were too long (that would be very bad).

More display bug fixes.


Miscellaneous display fixes.

Fixed 4978 dash name patching (actually patches the embedded
FTPd app).

Removed x2 4976 support, which was broken anyway (4976.02
still supported, but will probably be dropped soon).


Major rewrite of the patch engine for the purpose of easier maintence and code sharing.

Added experimental x2 4978 support.

Miscellaneous changes to the front end code related to above changes.