-                    baRenameX v0.99a                   -
-                   by: jinx_removing                   -

	You WILL need the .NET 1.1 framework to use this
	program, as it was developed in VisualBasic.NET

	Download here:

	There are three DLL files that need to reside in
	the same place as the application .EXE, if they
	are not present, the build won't run.
-special thanks
	Special thanks to AceHack for letting me rip off
	his codebase and feature set from his tool:

	You're using this at your own risk. I will not be
	held accountable if this produces results less
	than desirable.

	If you find a bug or think of something that will
	make this application better, please PM me 
	(jinx_removing) at forums.xbox-scene.com or post
	a message in the forums with barx somewhere in
	the title and I'll get back to you.

	See below for known issues.

	Before doing anything you'll regret, backup whatever
	it is you'll be working on.

-What is it?
	A file renaming utility to make files Xbox legal.
	It has a variety of options to provide flexibility
	when naming files.  Also has a preview window so
	that you can preview what files will be named
	based on the various user defined settings.

	You can also forcefully rename any file by double
	clicking on it.

	baRenameX will also rename files back to their
	"Pre-Xbox" names if you choose to do so.  It will
	also store a log in the event you want to name
	files back later.

	There is now FTP support for transferring files
	directly to the XBox.

	A ZIP feature has also been added that will
	individually ZIP each file in the directory
	that is not already .zip'ed

-What does it do?
	First it checks the selected folder to see if you
	have files in that particular folder that are not
	legal for the Xbox. Legality is determined by the
	length of the filename (< 42 char) and that the
	filename does not contain any illegal characters.

	There are four columns in the file list view:

	+ [original filename]: file as it is currently found
	  on the HDD.

	+ [length]: number of characters of the [original filename].

	+ [xbox legal?]: if [length] > 42 characters or the
	  [original filename] contains an illegal char, it will
	  color this entire row red to signify to you that this
	  file will need renaming before being ftp'ed to the

	+ [Rename To]: This is the target filename based on the
	  various options you may have chosen from the list of
	  options below. If the initially suggested truncated 
	  name is taken, it will append a ## to the end of the 
	  subsequent duplicate to avoid overwriting errors when 
	  saving (## being a two digit number, 00 for example.)
	  [Rename To] inherits the filename extension from the
	  [Original Filename] file.  

	Whenever the "Rename!" button is clicked it renames 
	[original filename] to [Rename To].


	+ All Files: this will apply the options to all the files
	  in the preview window.

	+ Illegal Files: This will only display files that have
	  a filename length > 42 characters or the filename contains
	  illegal characters.


	+ Trim from Left/Right: The value in this box will trim 
	  <X> number of characters from the left or right of 
  	  the filename.

	+ Repace XX with YY: Simple search and replace

	+ Trim Illegal Chars. : This will remove all characters 
	  that the XBox doesn't like. Illegal Characters are:
	  < > = ? : ; * + , / | "

	+ Convert Brackets to (): When clicked this option will
	  parse all the suggested filenames and convert any
	  [ ] or { } to ( or ).

	+ Preserve Contents of (): This will try to preserve
	  data contained within any bracket character (, [ or
	  { when this is clicked.

	+ Convert _ to " ": Will convert all underscores
	  to spaces " ".

	+ Remove Double Spaces: Will remove any instance of
	  "  " and replace it with " ".

	+ Remove All Spaces: This will trim all of the " " 
	  out of a suggested filename in an effort to retain 
	  as many characters as possible.

		Init Letter: First letter of every word.
		All Caps: All uppercase
		All Lower: All lowercase

	!! Nothing is renamed UNTIL you press the Rename!


	+ Rename: This button will rename [Original Filename]
	  to the name contained in the [Rename To] column.

	+ Restore from Log: This will allow you to name files
	  back to their "PreXBox" names. A log is stored
	  in the directories the files were renamed in.
	  The log is called "IllegalToLegal.brx" and is 
	  deleted after Restore From Log is complete.

	+ Zip NON Zipped Files: This will ZIP each file
	  individually, which works well if the software
	  you are running on the Xbox supports ZIP
	  decompression.  This IS a resource hog as it
	  slows your machine down quite a bit and can
	  take quite a while if you're zipping lots of

	+ Show/Hide FTP: This will show and hide the FTP
	  pane.  The renaming functions are not active
	  during when the app is in FTP mode. You can
	  transfer files that you select by checking on
	  the filename.

-known issues
	+ My progress bars seem to hang sometimes. If this
	  happens to you during ZIPing or FTPing, the
	  program didn't crash.  It's just that the
	  progress bar appears to NOT be updated for
	  whatever reason.
	+ there is some sorting issues with directories
	  these shouldn't affect use of the program, but
	  you might find directories starting with "_" at
	  the bottom of the directory tree.
	+ there is no support for removable drives IF those
	  drives don't have media in them. All logical drives
	  attached to your PC will be found, regardless of
	  if they have media in them or not.
	+ there are some *minor* problems with the "preserve
	  brackets" checkbox where it will occasionally print
	  an extra "(" or sometimes print duplicate () statements
	  at the end of the file, particularily with filename 
	  lengths shorter than 42.

	0.99	8/24/2003
		-Added ZIP support
		-Added FTP support
		-Fixed some crashes with the log system.

	0.90	8/17/2003
		-First public release