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<FONT FACE="TERMINAL,12" color=#DCDCDC>Uploader was created because I hate having to use multiple programs to complete on task. It takes to much time!

created by jimk 

Unzip into your winxip folder or where ever you edit your xips.

Important ******* 
******   You must run the xboxconfig.exe and set up your ftp and folders.     ********

	Most are easy, IP, username, Password are all the same from your ftp program.
            (these are case sensitive..xbox is not the same as XBOX)
	This uses port 21. if there is a problem with this e-mail me with why and I may make it changeble.
	Xip directory is the folder all your xips you want to upload are located in.
	   It will upload everything in this folder with extension .xip
	XboxDash.xbe is your xbox dash that you are resigning and want to upload.
	   Select the one on your PC.

	Xbox Xip Dir is the directory all your xip files are at on your Xbox harddrive.
	   This is the folder all your xip files will be uploaded to.

	Xbox Dash Dir is your xboxdash.xbe location on your xbox.
	   This will be replaced by your resigned xbe you selected on your pc.

	After all these are correct click Build Config File to save all your settings.

Close xboxconfig.exe and you are done with this unless you need to change these settings.

Now you can run Uploader.exe to upload your xip files and dash any time you resign them by just clicking upload.


To use with winxip:

run winxip,
click on edit and select preferences (or use ctrl+p)

Under user tools use a name like Upload All, or Upload xips.

Command line: just select Uploader.exe (where ever you unziped it to)
Working Directory is same directory as commandline.

example would be:

User tool        : Tool#1
Name             : Upload Dash
command Line     : C:\winxip\Uploader.exe
Working Directory: C:\winxip\

Thats it!

When you want to upload your xips just click Tools, and select the name you gave for the tool (or ctrl+1 to ctrl+0)

For bugs please post in the forums at www.xbox-scene.com under development topic: xboxftp uploader.