Map Modifyer

This app allows users to do full map mods quicker.
This has preset Sections to add mods like Ghost, Ground, Wall, Sky.
You Can add more items in the misc section.

Made for EliteModz as a personal project but I decided to release.

How to Use:
Load this program once then close it.
It should have made a menu.ini file in the same directory.
Open menu.ini and goto the [Offsets] section and edit all the offsets for those items.
(i.e. Ghost=2341f38)
You can also have multiple offsets in one item.
(i.e. Ghost=2341f38,2341fd8)
All u gotta do is edit all the offsets and save and close.
Adding More menu items in all the sections but Misc is the same.
You click on Add New.
Then You Insert The Name for that Item.
(i.e. Teleportized)
Then it asks for the Identifier for Teleportized.
(i.e. F4 1B 72 80) 'Can be as long as you need it
The Misc Section is a little different.
It ask for the Name, Offset, and Identifier.
You should know wut those are already, incase u dont go back and start reading this section.
Editing Menus Is all Really Easy with the built-in menu editor.
Editing the Misc menus is tricky because you need to leave the comma and space between the
	offset and indentifier in the identifier area.
(i.e. 2344098, 9D 6F 7G 80)
OK now to explain the sections.
Everytime you add a new item it will save it in the menu.ini

If u checkmark something in the any section besides the Misc section then it will make the program 
	modify the offset that u inserted in the meni.ini with the identifier that u defined for that item.

Now for the Misc section-
You can checkmark as many items as u want unlike the other sections. The item will modify the offset
	that u defined for that item with the identifier that u defined for that object.

The list on the left side of the program tells you what ur current mod is.
Everything else is self explanitory.
If you get the error "Subscript out of range" then delete ur menu.ini and reload the program. :)

			Created by CLuis.