A nice patch for a "True" Red Color Mod.

Patches XBE file.

## Requirements ##
Unmodified Xboxdash.xbe File. Version 10027100.

## Usage ##
-It is only a batch file style patcher. Place file into same directory as xboxdash.xbe.
-Double Click the patch.
-If successful a file will be created named xboxdash.xbe.bak.
-If not successful this file will not be created, because the dash version is not unmodified.
-After patching insert the xbx's in the appropriate xip
   -xbox4.xbx -> mainmenu5.xip
   -outline.xbx -> settings3.xip and music2.xip
   -GameHilite_01.xbx -> default.xip

Mod by Gcue & Voltaic
Patch by Xtech