Team Xecuter presents XECUTER2 BIOS Build 4978 - .NFO FIX

23rd August 2003



A small update since the release yesterday.

First of all this bios was a preview release. It was meant to show that it is possible to pack an xbe inside a 
kernel - so it has all sorts of possibilities - the likes of which we have only just begun to explore.

It seems there is a bug stopping it from working on the X2 LITE mod. We are looking at this right now. We are 
also going to spend a little time optimizing the code so that it fits into a 512k pack.

For those who think an embedded FTP server is pointless, here's why it isn't:

1) For people who dont have a cd burner
2) For those who have difficulty in burning a CD
3) For those who mess up their dash somehow and cannot get back into the box

Besides if its not for you - use X2 4977 - thats free too.

The point we should be making is that the 1MB barrier will now be broken - all it takes now is imagination
of application and its possible uses with embedded apps. If you dont like that fact - then use one of the
free 256k bios's we've made you - to bitch about it is silly.

Remember the FTP server is also in Alpha stage - expect bugs and expect updates. Don't bitch about bugs - be 
constructive in your reports so they can be fixed.

Also it is possible to change the IP and Subnet mask in the bios - i'm sure nghtshd will have a new tool soon ;)

Don't forget this bios is free. If you want to bitch - make your own.

So what's new ?

Well we've been saying it for a long time - that Bios's would 1 day break the 1MB barrier and beyond.

Team Xecuter are proud to give you a glimpse into to the future of Xbox Bios's and Modification hardware.

We have acheived another world first by embedding an entire FTP server into the BIOS - so as soon as you
install the mod you are able to FTP into your XBOX with no hacked dashboard installed - or you may have evox,
avalaunch, mxm or another installed but you messed up the settings. Those worries are now a thing of the past
with X2 4978. Now bear in mind this is a glimpse at some of the ideas we're working very hard on with X3 - it's
taking a long time to produce so we thought you at least deserved to get a glimpse of what to expect.

XBOX is set to a Static IP:, Subnet Mask:, Login/Pass: x3 / x3

Simply setup your NIC the same subnet mask (NO GATEWAY or DNS)

The mod acts as normal in default mode - you won't even notice anything is different. EvoX FTP settings are not
affected and you have your perfectly normal (if you can call it normal) X2 dashboard.

To activate the FTP Server - simply press and hold the "A" button on bootup and then connect to your XBOX :)

Speeds are not as fast as can be (dont forget this is Alpha) but you will still get a respectable 2000KB/Sec
I recorded an average: Transferred 1 file totaling 19,302,690 bytes in 10.23 (1,867.47 KB/Sec)

I'd also like to point out that we have changed the dashboard boot sequence:

1) evoXdash.xbe
2) avadash.xbe
3) mxmdash.xbe
4) xboxdash.xbe

Enjoy this latest release - trust us when we say we have SO MUCH MORE in the pipeline :)



Changes 4977->4978:
- Added FTP server, IP:, Mask:, login/password: x3/x3
- FTP server starts up if you keep the 'A' button pressed on bootup, otherwise the dashes are run
- Dashboard sequence changed to: evoXdash.xbe, avadash.xbe, mxmdash.xbe, xboxdash.xbe

Changes 4976.02->4977:
- Permanent No Reset On Eject - Finally got around to adding this - HATED to have it reset in xbox media player :-)

Changes 4976->4976.02:
- Unfortunately the 4976 hangs if people have a "debug" xbox and the default dash is set to launcher (xbsetcfg /l),
  this release fixes this problem

Changes 4975->4976:
- Disable IGR Feature
- Removed No AV Cable Check (for Lan whores etc - Requested Feature)
- Superfr0 Nice Error Screens (Credits to Superfr0 - should have added this as default a long time ago)

Changes 4974->4975:
- Auto Patcher for new media flag on new games - no need for patching !
- No DVD Drive Check - no longer throws Error 11 (Credits to SantMat)

Changes 4973->4974:

- ROM is now compatible to v1.0 and v1.1 Xboxes in one 256K image

Changes 4972->4973:
- Fixed "Non-Boot" Problem (tested on Silent Hill 2)
- Fixed "only needed one trigger for reset" bug
- Added S-Type IGR Reset (LT+RT+BA+BL)



IRC Downloads Channel: #xbins on efnet

IRC Chat Channel: #xbins-chat & #xboxhacker on efnet

IRC Help Channel: #xbins-help on efnet

Support Sites: &

Dashboards: We recommend EvolutionX, Avalaunch & MXM

Please report bugs / new feature suggestions on the Xbox Forums -



This piece of software will most likely destroy your XBOX if you don't now what you are doing! Make sure you
have a way of recovering your mod before flashing in case something goes wrong.

You can do EVERYTHING with the Xecuter2 bios - its 100% compatible with all features of EvoX Dash and more.


Thanks to all ops and staff in #xbins, #xboxhacker, & for their support

Thanks to Ben Jeremy & TJ_CRS for help on the FTP code.

We would also like to acknowledge Team Assembly who we have collaborated with to release TATX Debug Bios's and
many new apps / features to come very soon. Info and support can be found at

Props to Evox, XBMP, Avalaunch, MXM, Xbox-Linux, XboxOpenSource, Team Xodus,,,

Greets to all the sceners and friends we've made over the past 18 months - there's way too many to mention but you know who you are.

To the conspiracy theorists: Grow up and do something useful with your time.

F**k you to those intent on causing trouble in this fine scene. Suggestion - get a life / job / girl and/or boy