EurAsia Pro Generic Flash Disc v1.1

Brief description:
A professional flash disc based on Linux and raincoat 0.5 for xbox.

Whats new:
Added support for custom raincoat.cfg and bios.txt file (lower case).

Internally supported flash types:
AMD - Am29F040B, Am29F080B, Am29LV800B
Fujitsu - MBM29F080A, MBM29F040C
Hynix - HY29F080
Sharp - LHF08CH1
SST - SST49LF020
ST - M29F080A, M29f002BT
Winbond - W49F020, W49F002U

Zip file includes an .iso ready to burn on dvdr or cdrw. Use Nero (win) or
cdrecord (unix) to burn and make sure the disc is finalized (fixated/session 
closed). Boot the disc in your xbox and when prompted, insert a dvdr or cdrw 
with your preferred xbox bios named bios.bin (lower case). Flash progress is 
displayed on screen.

If raincoat.cfg (lower case) is found on the disc where bios.bin resides it
will be used instead of the internally supported flash types. Note that using
untested flash types is risky and should only be done by professionals. There
is no guarantee raincoat supports the correct command sequence to program the
flash. A sample raincoat.cfg file is included in the zip. The file structure
is flash type in hex, "flash description", flash byte size in hex. 

Here is a sample of the raincoat.cfg syntax:
flash = 0x89a6,"Sharp - LHF08CH1",0x100000;
flash = 0xda8c,"Winbond - W49F020",0x40000;

Note that max 31 flash types can be read by raincoat, the rest ignored. If you
successfully flash new types (not internally supported), please email the 
raincoat.cfg file used to so it can be added to the internal
list of flash types eventually.

If bios.txt (lower case) is found on the disc where bios.bin resides it will
be displayed for 30 seconds prior to flash procedure. Developers might find
this function useful to give general version information about the bios or
"bail out" warnings. Also helps to keep track of all your bios discs floating

Some xbox DVD-Rom units seem to have a problem accessing files on cdrw/dvdr
where disc image is smaller than 4-5MB (iso size). To work around this issue
I have provided a dummy file of 5MB to be included in the disc (iso) you burn
with bios.bin.

+ added support for custom raincoat.cfg 
+ added support for custom bios.txt
+ failed raincoat flash results in "try new disc loop"
+ reduced confusing kernel messages on console

+ initial release

TODO (plans for the future):
I want to take the flash disc to another level in the future 2.x releases and
implement a "brain file system" (tm) which gives the user power to configure
his own flash command sequence using the 29xxx or 28xxx methods.  This way
the user will be able to check datasheet for a specific flash and have
complete control of commands used by raincoat during flash. In other words an
optional config file for reset, sector erase, chip erase, read and program etc.

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