README for WinHME Gui v1.44.1 BETA
Revised 8/21/2003
By jimmsta

Instructions for the WinHME Gui:

1. Extract the WinHME archive. Make sure to place whatever maps you wish to work with in the directory. 
2. Select the map from the directory that WinHME was extracted to.
3. Type text-file name for output (with extension .txt), & click text output checkbox. (OPTIONAL!!!)
4. Click OS version
5. Copy text in Command Line text box.
6. Right-click on command prompt titlebar. Go down to Edit -> Paste
7. Press enter
8. Wait for operation to finish.
9. All done!

PLEASE NOTE: The following bugs are known: The checkbox for the text output is buggy. 
Please only click it if you REALLY need to have text output.
The newest build (v1.44.x) is a bugfix release. Nothing has been added to the gui.
There will NOT be a .NET release of this bugfix. You can use either release, but this 
build solves some of the bugs. ;)

(C)2003 by jimmsta