Team Xecuter presents FLASH-X v1.1


With Flash-X you can now select which bank you wish to flash whether its 256k, 
512k or 1MB. Gone are the days of a bad flash, now you simply program 256k or 
512k at a time.

Installers who like to hot swap and flash their X2's will be pleased to hear that 
the machine does not reboot once you have flashed - so you can simply flash / 
hotswap / flash / hotswap much faster than when the xbox rebooted each time you 

You can select bios's stored on C, D, E & F drives (sub dir \bios)

Compatible with Xecuter2.x Lite, Xecuter2.x Lite + and Xecuter2.x PRO.

Of course you can also run this from CDR / CDRW / DVDR without having a custom dash
installed and still flash your bios with no problems - again great for installers 
in a hurry.

Features Summary

Select which bank to flash your bios too (1, 2, 3, 4, 1+2, 3+4, 1234)

Load bios from c: d: e: f: (sub dir \bios)

Fast program / verify routine

No reboot on programme (perfect for mass flashers)

Detect if mod is flash protected

Works on all models (v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3)

XECUTER2.x Lite and XECUTER2.x Pro Compatible



Flash-X v1.1:
- Not working on v1.1 v1.2 or v1.3 - Fixed
- Added error message if mod is flash protected
- Crashed when selecting bios on any drive other than C - fixed
- Faster program / verify routines

Flash-X v1.0:
- First Release


Please report bugs / suggestions on Xbox-Scene Forums -



This piece of software will most likely destroy your XBOX if you don't now what you 
are doing! We will not be held responsible for any damage or screw ups. 


Thanks to #xbins / #xboxhacker and for their support

Special thanks to The Joker of Team Avalaunch and also to MomDad.


We actually found time to finish this (finally). 

Due to a couple of members retiring from the group and real life stuff happening with the rest of us
we're finding it quite difficult to dedicate time to scene stuff and juggling our lives / jobs at the same time.

The X3 mod is being developed by another group so that is not affected, however our scene work (i.e. all the free stuff)
will not be worked on as much as it used to be. We still have some ideas for new bios's and apps, so as and when we get time we will release to you.

Props to Evox, XBMP, Avalaunch, MXM, Xbox-Linux, XboxOpenSource, Team Xodus,,

Greets to all the sceners and freinds we've made over the past 18 months - there's way too many to mention but you know who you are.

F**k you to those intent on causing trouble in this fine scene. Suggestion - get a life / job / girl and/or boy

Source Code:

We are currently offering the sources for inclusion in their software to: EvoX, Avalaunch, MXM, XBMP.

You will know who to ask to get the files.