EurAsia Pro Generic Flash Disc v1.0

Professional flash disc based on raincoat 0.5. Zip file includes an .iso ready to burn on dvdr or cdrw. Use Nero (win) or cdrecord (unix) to burn and make sure the disc is finalized (fixated/session closed). Boot the disc in your xbox and when prompted, insert a dvdr or cdrw with your preferred xbox bios named bios.bin (lower case). Flash progress is displayed on screen.

The following flash types are currently supported:

Flash = 0x01d5,"AMD - Am29F080B",0x100000
Flash = 0x04d5,"FUJITSU - MBM29F080A",0x100000
Flash = 0xadd5,"Hynix - HY29F080",0x100000
Flash = 0x20f1,"ST - M29F080A",0x100000
Flash = 0xbf61,"SST SST49LF020",0x40000
Flash = 0x89a6,"Sharp LHF08CH1",0x100000
Flash = 0xda8c,"Winbond W49F020",0x40000
Flash = 0x01a4,"AMD - Am29F040B",0x80000
Flash = 0xda0b,"Winbond - W49F002U",0x40000
Flash = 0xc236,"MACRONIX - MX29F022NTPC",0x40000
Flash = 0x20b0,"ST M29f002BT",0x40000
Flash = 0x01da,"AMD - Am29LV800B",0x100000 

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