XisoManager V 1.4.0 BETA.

Support CD-R/RW Burning.

Tried to add DVD-R/RW programming , but it failed with my pioneer DVD-R from unclear reasons. also the NERO util failed on my PC from the same reason , as well. so if u got success or failure using this util to burn DVD-R/RW please contact me, so i will continue my work.

Help needed:
If any of u have the experience of DVD-R/RW programming using MMC4/2 SCSI commands set, please contact me i have some unclear things to work out.

Sorry for the delay from last version, but life goes on :)

Bug report & support:

Since i don't have Tons of DVD/CD burners, u'r help will be apritioated.
So if anyone of u feel the need for help please Leave any question, bug report, or any future improvement idea at the forum: forum.xtreemwarez.com.

Thnx u all.