Cartographer v1.0 Beta 4
8/15/2003 11:15 PM

What's New?
Application now completely done in Halo theme

Modified elements now show in a different color so you can see what's been changed at a glance

Map selection screen now support map images and also displays map type

Modifications are now loaded from saved maps so that previously saved changes are displayed correctly

Direct edit on the XBOX is now supported (local file mode still supported)

You've all been asking for the ability to see changes made in previous editing sessions or by other software. 1.0 B4 now correctly supports this. If a change has been made to an element that Cartographer doesn't understand, it will be listed as Unknown.

Direct edits on the XBOX are now supported. This should clear up a LOT of the problems you all have been having. I learned that single player maps can be cache000 or cache001. Multi-player maps can be cache003, cache004 or cache005. The direct cache editor takes care finding the right map and transferring it for you automatically. Direct cache editing is seamless. Thanks to KCommon for their freeware .Net FTP component.

What Next?
I still do not have images for the vast majority of elements in the game. I was going to let this release slip until I did, but I know I promised you all I'd have it out tonight. There are only 45 minutes left in tonight ;)

I also would like to include support for editing the game if you have copied the whole thing to your XBOX hard disk. I need to add support for compressed maps to allow this.

Finally, I would like to support more specialized editors for things like weapons, to do some of the cooler modifications out there like modifying zoom levels etc.

I will be on vacation all next week, so don't expect any updates to Cartographer until after 8/25/2003. Hope you all enjoy this one, it was a lot of effort but well worth it.

-- eXentric