MP3 -> FatX Renamer 0.75b
Released: 14 August 2003
(Coded in Delphi)

Creator: CRP

MP3 FAT-X Renamer 0.75b by CRP is a Win32 application which allow you to
 transfer (and synchronize) your MP3 collection from your computer to 
the Xbox's build-in hard drive. The program has a integrated FTP-client
 that connects directly to XBMP's integrated FTP-server and transfers 
all the files and folders you select, but what makes this program unique
 is that is auto re-names all MP3 files (and the folders they are in) 
on-the-fly during transfer making them compatible with the FAT-X* naming
 convention. The original MP3 files & folders remain untouched during 
this process. (*Foot note: FAT-X, the Xbox file system only support 42 
characters and do not support many foreign letters or odd characters 
(more info on this in the XBMP FAQ). 

- Windows 2000/XP (and possible Windows 9x/ME???, who knows).
- Xbox network with Computer running MP3 -> FatX Renamer.
- Xbox with XboxMediaPlayer (XBMP) installed & configured,
  or EvolutionX (EvoX), not tested so maybe it don't work,
  or Media Menu X, not tested so maybe it don't work either,
  or AvaLaunch, not tested so maybe it don't work either,
  or AvaLaunch, not tested so maybe it don't work either,
  or neXgen, not tested so maybe it don't work either.

- Perhaps Multilanguage Support (if someone use this ;)


v0.75b (14/8-2003)
- Initial Public Beta

Before v0.75b
- Various updates and additions

Bug reporting:
e-mail [email protected] with "MP3 -> FAT-X Renamer Bug Report in subject.
Please write in English and include very detailed systems & description.

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