MXM Skinner v2 by geniusalz

-----General info-----
This is as a visual tool to create MXM (Media X Menu) skins.

If you do not know about MXM you have no use of this program :D

Note that the program cannot "load" elements from XML files; the elements have to be drawn within the program.

-Box elements (fill color, border color)
-Line Elements (color)
-Image Elements (pictures or video)
*-Text Elements (custom text and preset text)
*-Game List (MXM Menu Elements)
*-Generating complete XML files

*New this release

Not supported:
-Transparent boxes (they show up opaque)
-PNG pictures

-----Program help-----

Getting started
Start the program.  You will notice a big black box.  This is the drawing area. =D

-Skin Info
Use the "Show Skin Info" checkbox to bring up the Skin Info window.   Enter a skin name (compulsory) and other info (optional)

-Loading a background
Load a background picture if you want

-Creating Elements
Select one of the five options:

Select the border color and the fill color.  Note that only one of these is required.  Therefore you can have a box without a border, or a box without a fill.
Drag across the drawing area to create the box.

Select the line color.  Drag to make it.

Image (pictures or videos):
Add a Resource
-This means loading up your picture or video file into the program
-You can also add built-in resources.  The most important one of these is the "PreviewVideo" resource, that shows the preview video/screenshot for the selected game
Select a Resource.  
-Select one of the images you have loaded into the program
Drag to make the picture/video
*To stop a video that is playing, right-click on it

Enter text to display, or select from one of the presets.  The presets are dynamic textboxes, and update their values automatically.  e.g "Time" will show the current time
Select a font.  Note that fonts are not supported in the XML file, and won't show up in MXM
Drag to make the textbox

Game List (MXM Menu):
Configure all settings.
Drag to make the menu.  Previews for menus aren't supported

*Elements are sorted (front to back) in the order they were created.  You can change the order using the Elements list on the right side, using the up and down arrows to bring the Element to the front or the back

-Modifying Elements
Note that whenever an element is created, its name appears in the list box to the right.
Click on an element to select it.  (Videos can only be selected by clicking the video name on the Elements list)

In the case of rectangular elements, the element will turn yellow, with a small green box on the bottom-right corner
Drag the yellow box to move the element.
Drag the green box to resize the element.

If the element is a line, you will see two boxes at each end.
Drag each box to move points on the line.

*You can delete any element while selected.

-Generating the XML code
Click the "Generate XML code" button.  This will bring up a window with the XML code

-Finishing Steps: After all elements are drawn, and the skin is configured
To complete your skin:
-Make a folder on your computer for your skin, preferably naming it the same as your skin name
-Name your XML file: MXM_Skin.xml and save it in your skin folder
-Make a subfolder called "Media" (in your skin folder)
  -Copy all your picture and video files (including background picture) into that subfolder
-Copy the skin folder into the "Skins" directory on your Xbox
-Restart MXM, and select your skin
-Use MXM safe mode with default skin if the skin doesn't work as expected

Questions/comments, contact me in the offical MXM forums