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By jimmsta

If you've stumbled upon this program, then you must know what it is for, but probably haven't any clue as to how to
use it.

Firstly, make sure to have your 'halomapexpander.exe' and 'cygwin1.dll' file in the same directory as the 'HMEGUI.exe'

Next, place whatever halo map files that you wish to alter in the same directory. The map files can be uncompressed, 
or compressed. It doesn't matter.

Next, open up HMEGUI.exe.

Now, you must type the name of the map that you wish to compress or decompress into the "Map File:" Text-Box. 
Please be sure to include the extension!!! (.map, .temp, etc)

Next, type the filename for the output file. Please be sure to include the extension. (IE: .MAP)

Next, type a name for an output text file. 
If you do not wish to have text output, then remove the " > " from the command line at the bottom!!!

Now, Press the button that corresponds to the function that you would like to preform.
(IE: Compress to compress, expand to decompress)

Now, copy the command line that is created at the very bottom, by left-clicking, and highlighting the text with the mouse, 
then press Ctrl-C.

Then, click the button that corresponds to your Windows Version. (Windows 2000/XP, Windows 9x)

Once the window pops up, and of which will look like DOS, Right-click the titlebar, and go down to Edit -> Paste.

Then press enter.

HME will process your file, and will either work, or crap itself. Either way, you should have some sort of data output.

(C)2003 by jimmsta