[ReadMe.txt for WinXIP by Voltaic ([email protected]_B_GONEeroded.net)]
[8/9/2003 11:15PM]

What is WinXIP?

WinXIP is a program to manipulate files stored in the Xbox Archive File. You
can view, edit and extract the content of these archive files. You can resign
the MS Dashboard (xboxdash.xbe) using the modified version of these archives.

What are the features?

- Extract content of XIP files.
- Resign XBE with new XIP list.
- Projects.
- External Programs.
- User defined tools.

What features are missing?

- Automation (scripting support)

What are Projects?

Projects are a way to associate a MS Dashboard program with multiple XIP files.
Using projects, you can quickly resign the XBE file using all the XIP files associated
to that specific project.

What are External Programs?

Well, they are external programs, pretty cool eh?  You can associate external programs to
all file types.  For example, you could associate UltraEdit to 'All Files' and XmViewer to
'Mesh Files'. When you view/edit these files, it'll spawn those programs.

What are User Tools?

User Tools are a way to spawn other programs from within WinXIP. For exmaple, for Tool#1
you could have something like this:

Command Line: xbcp.exe $(XBE) $(XIPS) xy:\

The above will execute the XBCP.EXE program with the associated XBE/XIP file(s). You can
access these tools by pressing Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+0.

Note: The $(XBE) and $(XIPS) macros are only present when a project is loaded.

What else is there in this release?

In this release I included XmViewer.exe. Note that this program will probably crash BIG time
one some machines (don't know why).  I also included the source for XmViewer, so have fun.
Starting with 0.88, I'm also including XbxViewer.exe... with it you can view most XBX and XPR files.


v0.88 - Removed the "Untitled" upon startup. Added file change detection. Includes XbxViewer.exe
v0.87 - Bug fixes, SaveAll completed and other stuff.
v0.85 - Complete re-write, lots of extra features.
v0.5  - Initial public release, test version only.