ScummVMx 0.5.1

Here it finally is, the XBOX port of ScummVM.
Sorry for the VERY long wait but the maintainer of ScummVM didnt want me to release the source just
yet until he read every word of the XDK eula (which was a 40 page long fax he told me :) to make sure
it didnt breach the GPL license.

I have not included the ISO9660 support, it's laggy/buggy and its much better to just play from HDD.
I might try to improve it later if there's much request for it.

The sources for the xbox port are available in the downloads section of

- Guybrush

Copy the file default.xbe to your HDD and launch it.

LEFT ANALOG/DPAD	move cursor
Y			ESC (skip cutscene's, close dialogs)
B			. (period) (skip subtitles)
WHITE BUTTON		F5 (save dialog)

LTRIGGER+RTRIGGER+BACK	restart ScummVMx (back to launcher)
LTRIGGER+RTRIGGER+START exit ScummVMx (back to dashboard)

LTRIGGER+RTRIGGER+WHITE	switch to previous gfx_mode
LTRIGGER+RTRIGGER+BLACK	switch to next gfx_mode

(dont switch too rapidly or too many times from gfx mode or the xbox will hang)

USB Keyboard and Mouse are supported ;)

Commandline options are supported, the syntax is: default.xbe [options] [game]
where game is the short name/id of the game you have added. (you can see it in scummvm.ini)

Evolution-X example item to launch Day of the Tentacle with the gfx mode set to advmame2x:

Item "ScummVMx - Day of the Tentacle", "e:\scummvm\default.xbe",ID_CMD,"-gadvmame2x tentacle"

some other examples:
Item "ScummVMx - ADVMAME3X", "e:\scummvm\default.xbe",ID_CMD,"-gadvmame3x"
Item "ScummVMx - Beneath a Steel Sky (Talkie)", "e:\scummvm\default.xbe",ID_CMD,"sky"
Item "ScummVMx - Beneath a Steel Sky (german)", "e:\scummvm\default.xbe",ID_CMD,"-qde sky"

See a list of available options in the original README of ScummVM.
Or better yet, just read the excellent README anyways.


Get Lantus' libSDLx from:
extract and make sure their include and library paths are recognized in VC.NET

Get libmad from: extract and compile for xbox, make sure
the library path is recognized too.

Extract the ScummVMx sources and open "backends\xbox\scummvm.vcproj" and start compiling :)

Credits and thanks:
 Endy, and the rest of the ScummVM team, keep up the good work!
 Lantus-X for his great port of SDL (libSDLx).
 Collin for his nice HTML documentation for ScummVMx :)
 Revolution for releasing Beneath a Steel Sky as FREEWARE!, now I can replay this game on my big tv :)
 And ofcourse LucasArts for making the best adventures!

For the latest news visit the official ScummVM page: