XBX Tools (C) 2003 - Xtech

  * - 8/8/03

[What is it?]

  Simply put, 
  * XBXTools will extract an xbx file to a dds file
  * XBXtools will build an xbx file from a dds file (or Jpg File)
  * Acts as Bundler.exe(MS SDK) and xprectract2.exe
  * No painful cmd line interface anymore. Only 2 buttons - Extract/Build.

  *Jpg in "Build XBX" is only there for xboxlogo.xbx, Build all other
   XBX files from DDS.
  *Save dds files as dxt1 with no mipmaps in photoshop, or your dds editor.

[Next Version]
  * I dunno