Frodo-X: Commodore 64 Emulator for Xbox Beta 3

Author: DragonZ

Small bugfix release with new subdirectory support.  Thought I would just throw this one out there anyhow.
More stuff still in the works though:
Graphics filters (SAI, Eagle, etc) & SID Player courtesy of Lantus.  On-screen key chooser completion, and Im still
working on getting the SC version of Frodo (Cycle based emulation) to work properly..should add some more compatibility.
I've also started to add the foundation for a skinning system.




Quick Info
- Roms go in \C64ROMS

- Maximum of 4096 files in a directory, subdirectories supported

- Roms *MUST* be in either .D64 or .T64 format. PRG files are not supported

- USB Keyboard Notes:	
	RESET C64 (the emulation, not the xbox app) = F12
	F1-F8 are various typed shortcuts while in the Basic screen but operate as normal in the games

- Zip Support Notes: Bundle up all the disk files into one single zip.  
  Follow the naming conventions noted below in the Multi Disk Game notes
  for the contents of the zip file, otherwise this feature *WILL NOT WORK*

- Multi Disk games (if you want them to work properly) should be follow one of the conventions below:
    Foo1.d64, Foo2.d64, ...
    FooA.d64, FooB.d64, ...
    Foo-A.d64, Foo-B.d64
    Foo-1.d64, Foo-2.d64

    Basically make sure the last character of the filename (not the extension) is the character that
    is incremented for each disk. During a game, hitting the WHITE button will swap to the next disk
    (granted they are named properly).  Once at the final disk, the next WHITE button push 
    will loop it back to disk 1.

- C64 Bios Roms reside in \BIOS (Basic ROM, Kernal ROM, Char ROM, 1541 ROM)... No BIOS.. No Work.

- Sound can sound messed up during the beginning of a game. *THIS IS NORMAL*. If you have ever used a 
  real C64 you will know that intros can sometimes cause strange noises while the game is coming up.
  Once the game starts, the sound is fine.

- Sound could also temporarily sound funny when restoring a Savestate.  If this happens, it will rectify
  itself fairly quickly

- Flashing screen, garbled characters, black screen while a game is coming up.  *THIS IS ALSO NORMAL*
  This is all normal behavior for the C64 :)

- Loading games with 1541 True Emulation (loading game with the Right Thumb) makes for quite a bit longer
  load time between the time you hit your selection and the game comes up.  THIS IS NOT OUR FAULT.  When in
  1541 Mode, the emu tries to emulate the drive perfectly thus sacrificing speed.  There is nothing we can
  do about this.  You will just have to wait until it loads.  Some games will not run unless they are loaded
  with 1541 True Emulation on.  It is the way the games were written to access the drive.  Again there is
  nothing we can do about it.  If you want to play a game bad enough that needs the 1541 emulation,  you
  will just have to wait it out.

- Frontend Keys
    Y: Help Screen
    A: Load Game
    Right Thumb: Load Game with 1541 True Emulation (Needed for some games to work)
    X: Rescan rom directory for new roms
    Black: Return to Dashboard
    LEFT/RIGHT Trigger, DPAD: Move Through Game List
    Back + Start: Delete all Savestate files

- In Game Keys
    Left Thumb Click: Load selected game 
    DPAD UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT: Joystick Movement
    A: Fire Button
    Y: Swap Joystick Ports
    Right Thumb Click: Return to Frontend

    B + DPAD UP: Simulates hitting the Y key on the C64
    B + DPAD DOWN: Simulates hitting the N key on the C64
    B + DPAD LEFT: Simulates hitting the SPACE key on the C64
    B + DPAD RIGHT: Simulates hitting the ENTER key on the C64

    X + DPAD UP: Simulates hitting the UP Arrow Key on C64
    X + DPAD DOWN: Simulates hitting the DOWN Arrow Key on C64
    X + DPAD LEFT: Simulates hitting the J Key on C64
    X + DPAD RIGHT: Simulates hitting the K Key on C64
    BLACK + DPAD UP: Simulates hitting the F1 Arrow Key on C64
    BLACK + DPAD RIGHT: Simulates hitting the F3 Arrow Key on C64
    BLACK + DPAD DOWN: Simulates hitting the F5 Arrow Key on C64
    BLACK + DPAD LEFT: Simulates hitting the F7 Arrow Key on C64
    Back: Save State for Current Game
    Start: Load State for Current Game
    White: Change to Next Disk in a Multi Disk Game (see notes above on this)
    Left Thumb X/Y: Move screen position
    Right Thumb X/Y: Scale screen

Credits / Thanks

    Personal - Turok, Flagg, Space
    Net - Lantus: Hmm where to start... thanks for everything.
	  TJ-CRS:  Sorry for omitting you last time!! Thanks for all help...Dreamweb 4 Lif3!!
	  Xport: Help, chat, me saying 'you own' all the time
	  ODD: More of 'you own' :)
	  Carch & Kev: My Euro bros...Cor Blimey!
	  Iriez: Never spelling your nick right.
	  Mhz: AKA Legend of Success Joe :)
	  Superfro, Op-code & Plonk: MameX menu code which made for a great reference point to build on
	  Christian Bauer: Frodo author.
	  All of #c4vr


    - Try and release any future releases in a more timely manner (no promises, but ill try)
    - Finish On-Screen Keys selection
    - More frontend clean up (more specifically the help page)
    - Compile another xbe with the Frodo SC DEFs, supposedly the SC build is slightly more compatible
    - On-Screeen LED showing the status of the 1541 Drive
    - Maybe finish the On-Screen Keyboard I originally planned to do ages ago and is 1/2 done (actual keyboard graphic overlay)

Change History

    Beta 3 (August 6th 2003):
    - Added subdirectory support
    - Mapped arrow keys on USB keyboard (forgot last release to map them)
    - Fixed some minor bugs with ZIP support

    Beta 2 (July 19th 2003):
    - Added Zip file Support
    - Added USB Keyboard Support
    - Cleaned up frontend game list
    - Added new background image 
      (C64 computer pixel art courtesy of robotriot:
    Beta 1 (August 8th 2002):
    - Initial Release