-Craxtion: Xbox Iso Creation Extraction V2.0 W/MXM
-By Fedge and LepPpeR

Description:  Craxtion is the cleanest and easiest to use xbox ISO tool
that enables the users to create/extract *true* xbox ISO using Microsoft
GDFImage/XDFSextract and now with Ximage.  Craxtion has also implemented
 a MultiGame creation wizard which creates a ready-to-burn ISO image from
 a list of ISO's or Directories that you select.

Why Craxtion:  Combines "Creation/Extraction"

			CURRENT  - Version 2.0 Beta 2 FIX

-Just a fix
-Moved webspace, Now found at craxtion.xbox-scene.com
-Full Release coming soon
-Just replace the existing ISOCraxtion.exe with patched ISOCraxtion.exe

			Previous Versions

Version 2.0 Beta 2
-Choose your own skin. **READ THE WARNING**
-MXM release K is now used

This is beta folks (MXM ONLY), I would appreciate all of the artists out there
to start making skins for MXM to please BenJeremy andFedge & LepPpeR!
Good Luck and Please send Bug Reports to [email protected]

Verion 2.0 Beta 1

- Craxtion now Features a MediaXMenu (MXM) MultiGame wizard.
- Restructured Preferences Form:
-- Size Limit on MultiDisc is not Customizable (Default 4400)
- Increased realiablity of XBE Patcher (located under tools)

Version 1.5
-Many Bug Fixes Which I Apologize For

Version 1.4
-Media Patcher can now be found under tools
 -Patches the Default.xbe

Version 1.3
- Added SimpleX for Iso Creation and Multigame Creation
	 - Preferences for which ISO creator to use (Default is XImage which is supplied)
- Just a taste of things to come
- This was a Major update, but seems minor

Version 1.2:
-MultiGame able to use folders from other drives.
-Name of MultiGame ISO can be changed
-A few bugs fixed

Version 1.1:
-Speed of MultiGame Creation (for Games added as Folders) incredibly increased!
	-Game folders are moved instead of copied then restored(if you wish)
-Correct Name Extraction from Default.XBE (WOLFIE)
-Multiple-Theme import support
	-Import a list of themes at a time
-Addition of folders with (invalid) default.xbe files allowed with option

Version 1.0 Final:
-Many bugs fixed
	-Fixed 4.3 GB limit in multigame wizard
	-closing forms wont freeze program
	-Item wont be added to list when invalid default.xbe found!(multigame)
	-many others
-Drag and Drop Folders/Iso(s) in Creation/Extraction/Multigame mode
-MultiGame Wizard much improved:
	- More flexibility of disc menu..
		-Add your own background picture for menu
		-Add your own wait picture for menu
	- MultiGame menu Preview!
		-See/Hear exactly what your disc will look like when
		 its loaded in your XBOX!
	- Progress bar to show how big multigame disc is on add folder/iso screen
	- Theme selection for MultiGame Images!
	-List of downloadable themes for MultiGame Menu
	-Preview each theme from inside Craxtion
	-Download theme pack from inside Craxtion
	-Theme Import Wizard 
		-Allows you to import the themes you've downloaded for
		 use in the multigame wizard!
-About Form
	-Changed whole design
	-Let you know current release information to make sure you have the most
		recent version

			Previous Betas

what's new to beta 6
-Extracts name from Default.xbe when creating iso or Multigame.
-Checks validity of Default.xbe when creating iso or Multigame.
-Delete jobs in Creation/Extraction/Multigame mode
-Cleaner listview for job list and Multigame list
-Preview WMA file for MultiGame background music
-Limits MultiGame filesize to 4.3 Gigs.
	-Reason: Over 4.3 is buggy for MultiGame disc.
what's new to Beta 5
-Allows saveable Preferences in a config file
	-Select startup mode (creation or extraction)
-Allows you to create directories to extract to from within wizard
-Checks for necessary disk space prior to extraction/creation/multigame creation
-Option added to create a log file of batch extraction/creation jobs
-Multi Game Wizard
	- Enables folder selection for multigame aswell as ISO selection
-Bug fixes

what's new to Beta 4
-Multi-Game Wizard 
	- Creates a ready to burn ISO image from a list of ISO's you select
-Progress bar fixed on extraction

What's new to Beta 3
-Iso Extraction Implemented
	-Batch Extraction Implemented
	-Export job list to .bat file for later use.
-Iso Creation Perfected.
	-Export job list to .bat file for later use.
-GDFImage Message (Must Have GDFImage in folder).
-XDFSextract Message (Must Have XDFSextract.exe in folder).
-Progress Bar Implemented.
-Estimated Time Implemented.
-Total Time Implemented.
-Supports Long File Names (LFN).
-Unlimited Jobs - Pile on from 2 megs to 100 gigs and let it work
-Easy to use wizard guides you through the steps.
-Check for Updates easily via the update menu button.

1.  Batch Iso Creations.
2.  True Xbox File Systems (GDFImage).
3.  Export both Extraction and Creationg Job List to .bat for later use.
4.  Estimated Time Remaining (so you can leave while it works).
5.  MXM function ( In Beta)
6.  Xbe File Patcher
7.  Ximage (SimpleX) iso maker (Freeware and Legal)

Updated --> 8.4.03
-=Comming Soon=-
-MXM support - BETA
-Extract from XBOX DVD Drive via network connection - Back (in progress)

Note:  special thanks to wolfie for drag/drop feedback
Note:  Special thanks to HSDEMONZ on the feedback and complex for MenuX
Note:  Please E-mail Suggestions/Comments/Bugs to [email protected].
Note:  Special Thanks to BenJeremy for his developement of MXM